Through the Ages (iOS and Android) by Vlaada Chvátil


Ok this seems very cool…and very deep. However I’m stuck on the last part of the tutorial where it sets you loose to get more strength than Yellow to win the war but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do this. I feel like I’ve tried every possibility and I’m still short, any clues?


Hint: The answer is in a card you can’t immediately afford. First figure out which card, and how to pay for it.


Ah thanks I was focusing on a different card!


It strikes me that if you can’t afford a change of government peacefully, you should wait, that the cost of revolution is too onerous. Am I wrong? Are there times when a revolution is worth the cost?


The revolution saves you approximately a full technology worth of science at the expense of usually 4 or 5 civil actions. Not a bad rate of return compared to the bonus cards. If science isn’t one of your strong points, this can make a huge difference later.
The real difficulty is engineering a turn where you can undertake a revolution without too much pain. Isaac Newton is probably the most helpful card for this: the one civil action you get back after the revolution makes a surprising amount of difference.


OK, that makes sense. Thanks. It is actually good to know because in my last game I got bottlenecked by lack of science, and so never advanced my government.

I am obsessed with this game, and I can’t (yet) even beat the easy AI. So much to balance.


I think you can also use Robey Pierre to lose military actions instead of civil actions in a revolution.


Just won my second game by the skin of my teeth. I kinda sorta forgot all about culture until the 11th hour when I realized that maybe pumping my military up to 15x my opponent’s military score wasn’t such a good idea if they were just going to sit idle. I lucked out and picked up a couple military/political actions that let me declare war 2 turns in a row in order to steal buttloads (about 65 total) culture from my opponent, the amounts of which were based on the military score disparity.

These wars saved me.


Revolutions saves you a lot of science that can be used on something else. Also, if your science output is low, keep in mind that you might get the civil actions back by the time you have enough science for a peaceful change of government.

Unless you have Robespierre, try to time your revolutions when you are investing in military. This limits corruption and the feeling that you are wasting a turn.


Stately Play just dropped a strategy guide for TTA. I’m at work and haven’t gotten a chance to check it out yet but wanted to drop it in here for those looking for help.


Check this out. I’m trying to complete the “beat two medium AIs” challenge.

Haha I am killing these jokers! I am the best player of ever!


Looks like I need to study that guide that @pizzaddict linked to!


Looks like they made mad pacts with each other. Rude!


Thank you so much for this thread! I’d completely missed this app. TTA is one of favorite boardgames. My kids and I played the heck out of the new edition. Off to buy the app now.


I can’t figure out why I’m unable to declare war against this guy.


That strategy guide has a fair amount of good advice, but there are some questionable ideas scattered in there too, so take care to check its assumptions as you play.

As a quick example:

This is the default strategy you should fall back to, but it’s certainly not the only right move. What do you gain and lose compared to building a bronze mine next turn? Essentially, you get just 1 resource while paying the opportunity cost of spending a civil action this turn instead of next.

Are there any other options?

  • Perhaps there’s a key card in the row that you couldn’t afford to take otherwise.
  • Maybe you took urban growth in the setup turn and can therefore build a new philosophy right away to supercharge your science. (Is this better than a bronze mine this turn and a philosopher next turn? Tough call.)
  • If you’re very lucky, you might have the Pyramids and Engineering Genius A. In this case, you can finish the Pyramids next turn, but only by giving up on a bronze mine for two turns. (An extra civil action is great, but is it worth delaying improving your resource production for?)

This sort of question is what makes the game great. :)


Check out Gandhi’s ability. You need twice as many military actions to declare a war or aggression against him.


Pfft, I did check it but apparently just eyeballed the words without comprehending them. I must have been thinking about the tacos my wife is currently making.


ok war of culture needs 3 red pips. The nuclear ghandi doubles the amount of pips you’d need to attack, so you’d need 6.


Anybody figure out how to create a multiplayer game with an added AI player?


Anyone else have a multi-player game crash on an aggression? Cross platform and it crashed for both of us.

In better news, thanks to the tips posted here, I finally managed to beat an AI player set to “Easy”.