Thunder Thunder Thunder Cats (2020)

Here it is, your first look at Cal Arts-style Thunder Cats:

Character intros in the clip are done as if they’re those ‘80s shifting animation cards/stickers things I haven’t thought about out in over twenty years and we don’t see anymore.

That title is missing a thunder!

Also missing the HOOOOOOOO!

I might have too much nostalgia for the classic Thundercats. This doesn’t seem like the property I would lace with Teen Titans Go! humor. But if it ends up being funny, then I’ll probably get over it.

Never heard “Cal-Arts” as the descriptor of that animation style either…

This is a thing that’s been around for a while. Some people use it as a criticism, but it’s mostly useful just a descriptor to contrast modern American cartooning with like, Hannah Barbera, WB/DC Dini-verse, or anime styles.

It refers to the drawn style with the goofy teeth and such.

Here’s a good explainer video:

When I was a kid in the '80s/early 90s I remember being pretty put out by all the pandering '60s nostalgia product that was being pumped out.

Shoe’s on the other foot now, I guess.

watched the first two episodes. thundercats roar is perfectly adequate if a little hyper. still superior to the recent tmnt reboot. fucking manchildren are freaking out after a cartoon desecrating their 80s legacy that was really intended to push toys.

I have just as much nostalgia-goggles as the next person, but I tried to re-watch some of the old Thundercats a while ago and it was…not good.

Even as a kid watching it back in the day I could tell the original Thundercats wasn’t that good. Mumm-Ra was the most interesting and vital character of the bunch… the show was just bleh when he wasn’t on screen.

Since I remember characters and that show today, I guess I probably really liked it. I’m not a fan of that art at all, but at least they’re doing something with it the currently kids might like.