Thunderbird "debug log"

I use Thunderbird for my e-mail, and I have a shitload of filters (rules) running. Something’s not set up right in them, and I’m having a hard time figuring out what. Can anyone recommend an extension or something that would give me a log of what’s being done to each message, so I can track it down?

Thunderbird has a filter log already built in. Go to Tools->Message Filters and click on the “Filter Log” button (mine’s in the upper right of the box). You have to enable it first, of course.

DOH! Thanks.

Has Thunderbird gotten to a point where it can automatically check multiple accounts? I’d love to try Thunderbird out again, but the sticking point for me was that it couldn’t/wouldn’t automatically check email on all 10 or so accounts.

Yup, I’ve got two and it does them both.

Indeed, I have had Thunderbird checking multiple accounts (currently three) since RC (I can’t recall if I used more than one pre-RC).