Thunderbird users

Just a heads up for anyone using Thunderbird.

My Network has been under a constant attack from Thunderbird users for about 4-5 days now. Everything ranging from a handful of Trojan\Virus\Worm to straight out SPAM attacks. I can see by reading the Internet Headers what the originating program is.

That doesn’t mean it’s a bad program or anything, it means that someone has figured out how to manipulate it like Outlook and a good Virus program should hopefully prevent this if you’re using Thunderbird and it supports it.

Here’s a threat list:
[email protected]

greeting card.exe
Greeting Postcard.exe
flash postcard.exe

Blocking all exe usually shuts this down no problem on a Network like mine, but if you aren’t using an updated Antivirus program your system can be compromised as this demonstrates.

All I want to know is: What took them so long to target Thunderbird?