Thus Ate Zarathustra

Nietzsche diet book found.

The juice of the orange is the very being of the orange made manifest, and by this I mean its true nature, and that which gives it its “orangeness” and keeps it from tasting like, say, a poached salmon or grits. To the devout, the notion of anything but cereal for breakfast produces anxiety and dread, but with the death of God anything is permitted, and profiteroles and clams may be eaten at will, and even buffalo wings.

As we know, for centuries Rome regarded the Open Hot Turkey Sandwich as the height of licentiousness; many sandwiches were forced to stay closed and only reopened after the Reformation.

Woody Allen in fine form.

This is a joke, right? In his letters Nietzsche did discuss some of the food he got in his various sanatoriums, though.

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. Sartre seems to have been consumed by thoughts of food as well. In any case, it’s all meaningless.

Like many people in those days, Nietzsche had gastro-intestinal problems throughout his life. It really affected his mood. So this kind of thing would be interesting.

As an aside, Freud claimed that people who masturbate frequently get gastric problems, but I can confirm that this is not the case. Well, at least not always. Ok, at least not weekly…errr, daily.

Yeah, meanwhile, most people masturbate “frequently” (who knows what early 1900’s Viennese Freud considered “infrequent”) and most people have gastric problems because we don’t just sip warm chicken broth all day.