Thwarted by my powersupply

Well, finally got all my new hardware together in one room and began to build my new gaming rig. Ran into a bit of a problem. The powersupply cables can’t reach the connections on the motherboard.

I’d assume part of the problem is that I’m using a Silverstone TJ06 case, which mounts the motherboard upsidedown (placing the 4-pin 12V connector on the bottom…just past the CPU). The PSU sits at the top of the tower (as usual) with a drive bay just below it and the motherboard below that. The distance is just too much for the power lines to reach (using an Ultra X-finity 600W).

Now, I’d love to get an Enermax Liberty 620W to replace it, unfortunately, I haven’t seen on in a local store. Before I order one off of newegg, does anyone know if the lines (specifically the 4-pin 12V one) is lengthy? Or, are there simply extenders on the market?

Then again, Silverstone probably makes a PSU perfectly suited for this tower…

-AM Urbanek

edit Hmm, seems it’s a common issue with this case. Oh well, guess I’m buying an extender tomorrow…then again, maybe I shoudl hunt down that Enermax…would much prefer it

Yeah, it is (I have a TJ06). Bust out for the extender; it’s a great case otherwise. The bays will easily accommodate a Creative AUD2ZS or X-Fi front plate, and the 4 USB ports on the left front are great. Runs a leedle loud, but that’s easily (heh, if you’ve got some dollahs) taken care of.