Tick live action reboot?


“Warburton recently inked a deal with Amazon and Sony to reprise his role, with Edlund producing and writing,” sources told People.com.

New Tick on Amazon?


I rather have more episodes of the cartoon!


Shit, does this mean I have to get Amazon streaming working? I mean my TV does but I never use it directly and of course it doesn’t work with XBMC.


Definitely, but I’ll take any Tick I can get.


The live action Tick was pretty awesome. On seeing the thread title, I thought “shame they won’t have Warburton.” Reading the actual posts makes me very happy!

Not to derail this, but what happened to all those shows Amazon did pilots of a year or so ago? I was really hoping the Bosch show would get picked up, but haven’t seen/heard anything about it (or any of the Amazon pilots) since.


Some of the pilots have been made into full shows already. Apparently on the QT, because I don’t remember hearing about them. I see full seasons up of Betas and Alpha House.

An article I don’t have the link to now suggested that 1 show from the second pilot batch had made the cut was about to debut all at once, Netflix-style, during September. I do not remember which.


The Wikipedia page has a summary. Transparent is the one coming in September.


The live action Tick was much, much smarter and funnier than it should have been. Hope they can bring the same magic. Securing Warburton is a huge get, but they must get Carbonell on board too. His Batmanuel stole so many scenes he should’ve been a super criminal.

Batmanuel: “Alone” is a pathetic predicament. “Lone” is an aesthetic choice.

Batmanuel: Another urban myth dispelled. Ninjas don’t bounce.

Batmanuel: This guy is great. He handles all my legal affairs.

Captain Liberty: What kind of legal affairs do you have?

Batmanuel: Batmanuel is mired in much litigation. For instance, I’m suing the makers of my codpiece. It was not properly fitted, causing severe shooting pains in my groin.

Capt. Liberty: Ouch.

Batmanuel: Yes — an “ouch” that will now cost them seven figures. Not that you can place a dollar amount on Batmanuel’s groin area…


I was hoping Bosch would be picked up too.

Concerning the Tick; I like Warburton but no one yelled SPOON like Townsend Coleman on the cartoon version. Townsend Coleman will always be the Tick to me.


It’s hard to compare the live-action and cartoon versions because they took different approaches. The first episode of the live-action put me off because it tried to do superheroics on a non-existent effects budget and failed miserably. But when they realized that and refocused on the main characters’ downtime it ended up being pure genius. I hope they keep the focus on slice-of-life rather than taking advantage of decreased effects cost to make it more action-oriented.


The live-action Tick was much more like the original comic book. It’s was considerably better than the animated series, IMO. Mostly because it retained the cynicism from the original.


I’m a fan of both the live action and the animated version. I thought they were both excellent and that they both captured the spirit of the comic in their own way. I honestly can’t think of a book or comic that received multiple adaptations that were equally as good as the source material.

This thread inspired me to go back and watch the series again on Netflix last night. It really does hold up well. Such a great show.


Amazon pilot incoming, with Peter Serafinowicz playing the lead.


What the heck happened to Warburton, darn it? However, I am a huge fan of Peter Sera…fino…fina…fero…screw it, Peter S… The man is a fantastic comic actor. If you haven’t seen his Alan Alda as a gangster impersonation from the criminally underrated Running Wilde sitcom from a few years ago, you’re missing a truly inspired piece of comedy.


Found this over on The Onion’s A.V. Club, just Peter Serafinowicz doing fifty impressions in two minutes. Not really impressions I guess, since looks like most of them are just made up characters, but still pretty funny.


Apparently he has a new 3-camera sitcom that got picked up. Doesn’t have time to do both shows. But he’s (reportedly) going to be an executive producer on the Tick reboot.


I’ll watch it… But absence of Warburton will leave a big empty space to fill. I will unfortunately have preconceived expectations. It’ll be a hard sell.


I have the same misgivings. But Peter S may very well have the comic chops needed to pull this off.


I’m not usually one to naysay something on the internet before it exists, but I’m worried. I like and respect Peter Serafinowicz, but I have never seen him commit to an over the top performance, which is a required part of the Tick. He always seems so reserved.


I don’t understand why in the world they’re rebooting the live action Tick instead of the cartoon. Make it a prime time cartoon, use Townsend Coleman (the original voice actor) and go hog wild with all the wonderful source material they have available. The first live action show was a pale shadow of the cartoon.