Tie Fighter Collector's Edition + XP = works! (but no 3d)

So, I decided to dust off Tie Fighter and play the best game of all time over again. I read a lot of horror stories about how it doesn’t work with XP, but after sufficent fiddling I found that running with Win95 Compat mode, 640x480 box checked, and 3d accel turned OFF in the game would let me play it just fine.

Honestly the game looks great even without 3d… but I’d really like to be able to turn it on just to get more texture clarity. I’m using an ATI 9800 pro with the Omega drivers latest update. If I turn the 3d option on in the game, it’s insta-desktop when it tries to initialize the in-flight engine. 2d game screens work ok.

Augh… you’ve got me curious to try and I installed the game (I have the X-wing Collectors series) but it wont let me even run the game without a joystick. :/

Are you talking about the original DOS-based Collector’s Edition CD? Because that never had 3D acceleration. It was all Gourad-shaded polygons before the age of 3dfx.

Or are you talking about one of those Updated-For-Windows-95 versions of TIE Fighter? The one where they use the XvT graphics engine, which does use 3D acceleration. I hated those because it didn’t feel like the original, probably because they used streaming redbook CD audio instead of the wonderfull iMuse interactive music system from the original.

My copy of TIE Fighter is the DOS Collector’s Edition. Works fine in WinXP with iMuse and everything, if I run VDMSound. Control is a little quirky, but otherwise it’s spot on. Just have to use Soundblaster instead of General Midi. :(


For the hell of it, I just tried running TF in a DOSBox 0.61 CVS build that runs Privateer like butter. It’s playable with General MIDI, although there’s definitely some frame-skipping tweakage needed at 640x480. Last time I tried it in DOSBox I was pulling maybe 2 frames per second. :)

Try renaming TIE95.EXE to “Z_XVT__.EXE”.

edit: The spaces are actually underscores, for some reason they don’t show up.


What does renaming it do? And yes, it’s the XVT engine win95 version for those who asked.

Bascially everything works 100% except for turning on 3D accel in the options.

Woolen - if I’m talking about “it doesn’t work when I turn on 3D” then why do you ask if I’m running the non-3D app? Cocain is a hell of a drug.

Tried renaming the .exe, but all I get is an instant error. So I guess that’s out.

Tried it on another PC and I’m getting the same issue you are: no 3d support. (i’m running 9600 PRO) From some small digging that I was able to do it seems that no one can get the 3d working and a solution hasn’t been found yet.

Here’s the board with quite a few tech stuff. Maybe you’ll have better luck then me in finding a solution.


I did some running around and it seems like the z_xvt__.exe solution listed here was only half. Here’s something I found on this page.

I also was searching for the fix to this super annoying problem, and it appears that I have found it. As someone already mentioned, you need to run the command line “z_xvt__.exe”, BUT with ‘ishost’ following the quotes around the command line. Create a shortcut, browse to your XvsT folder, select the z_xvt__.exe command. The shortcut will be created with double quotes around the whole string. Go to the properties for the shortcut and in the command line, after the close quotes, add the ‘ishost’ (leave off the quotes here…you should end up with something like this…“YOURXVSTFOLDER\z_xv__.exe” ishost… where YOURXVSTFOLDER is the location you have XvsT installed). This should execute the command with the ishost switch. The screen will go black as it does when you run the command without the switch, but it will then get to the startup screen(oh darn…it bypasses the intro movie).

Also, try http://vogons.zetafleet.com

Ya i saw that page. There’s a lot of work in trying to get it past the direct x and joystick issues but me and Aszurom are past that. from all the links that i’ve researched so far it seems to indicate that there is no known solution for the 3D issue.

I tried XvT and that works fine with Direct3D. Perhaps by copying some dlls it can work with Tie95.

Yeah, the renaming works for xwing95.exe but not tie95.exe, I guess. Sorry.

My only problem is the joystick.

Kids, you’re not missing much by going the non-accel route with the XvT versions of XW and TF. Trust me on this (just played through TF again about two months ago).


I beg to differ. I’ve got XvT in hardware accell and once you’ve got access to Direct3D you can place some sweet ansitropic and antialiasing to make it look not so bad actually. I’ve been playing Tie Fighter as well and while of course its still fun to play it hurts to look at what ‘could be’.

Here may be your salvation for 3d goodness:


Ergo i could kiss you. I knew the internet was good for something. :D

Holy shit, 7-27-04. Apparently they read this post and got motivated!

I’m no getting the option to do 3d accelerator in the main setup, just the primary display. Am I missing a step? Thanks.

Yes… once you’re in the game, hit ESC and all shall be revealed.