Tiger King? More like Elephant Emperor! Let's play John Company

Paxton as Governor of Madras, please. Thanks!

Can’t get rid of it.

Despite what the rules say, it doesn’t really make sense this way, as the governors and residents are eligible for promotion to executive offices so surely they shouldn’t be selected before executive offices are filled. I can’t find anything much on the internet about it.

Anyway, the Walsh becoming president of Bengal must come from the governorship of Bengal, I believe. At which point that governorship will remain empty as it’s further up the ribbon.

Oh, it’s the Maratha residency that Paxton was appointed to, not Madras governorship. Madras slipped our clutches last turn.

Sorry, Maratha, not Madras.

@Diddums, taking @Kolbex’s Writer or Officer to become Resident of Maratha?

And @rho21 is correct about the Bengal presidency, although it does seem bizarre.

Promote his officer, please.

Very good. @rho21 to fill Ships, Goods, and Military Affairs

Walsh, Benyon, Benyon respectively. @Cuthbert

No money in the purchasing offices, so no purchases. Director of military affairs @CF_Kane to decide if any officers need to be moved

Anyone want to incentivize me to move some officers?

Hearing nothing, I would like to move the officer in Army of Madras to the Army of Bombay.

My apologies, it’s officers that can be moved, not guns.

Assuming you want to move a gun, you’ll need @Diddums permission

You mean guns that can be moved, not officers. :)

…yes, I got it wrong twice in a row. Third time’s the charm!

One gun from Madras to Bombay? I have no objections.

If that is the case, then we should be in the clear. I will move the gun. (That is what I get for not checking the rules).

Then Director of Trade @rho21 can move around boats if desired.

Ah yes, sorry, I’ve been really busy and hadn’t realised it was my turn to do a thing. It’s also bedtime for me now so I’ll leave it until the morning to see if anyone has any requests.

No problem! I wrote that post and then forgot to hit Send for a full day, you’re fine.

Nothing from anyone, so I guess no-one wants any ships moved around. Let’s leave them in place and move on. @Diddums

I assumed you’d rebalance them, I don’t have strong feelings how. Right now Bombay has like 10 too many ships/goods. I think if we don’t fix that we might all lose the game?