Tiger King? More like Elephant Emperor! Let's play John Company

Sorry, Maratha, not Madras.

@Diddums, taking @Kolbex’s Writer or Officer to become Resident of Maratha?

And @rho21 is correct about the Bengal presidency, although it does seem bizarre.

Promote his officer, please.

Very good. @rho21 to fill Ships, Goods, and Military Affairs

Walsh, Benyon, Benyon respectively. @Cuthbert

No money in the purchasing offices, so no purchases. Director of military affairs @CF_Kane to decide if any officers need to be moved

Anyone want to incentivize me to move some officers?

Hearing nothing, I would like to move the officer in Army of Madras to the Army of Bombay.

My apologies, it’s officers that can be moved, not guns.

Assuming you want to move a gun, you’ll need @Diddums permission

You mean guns that can be moved, not officers. :)

…yes, I got it wrong twice in a row. Third time’s the charm!

One gun from Madras to Bombay? I have no objections.

If that is the case, then we should be in the clear. I will move the gun. (That is what I get for not checking the rules).

Then Director of Trade @rho21 can move around boats if desired.

Ah yes, sorry, I’ve been really busy and hadn’t realised it was my turn to do a thing. It’s also bedtime for me now so I’ll leave it until the morning to see if anyone has any requests.

No problem! I wrote that post and then forgot to hit Send for a full day, you’re fine.

Nothing from anyone, so I guess no-one wants any ships moved around. Let’s leave them in place and move on. @Diddums

I assumed you’d rebalance them, I don’t have strong feelings how. Right now Bombay has like 10 too many ships/goods. I think if we don’t fix that we might all lose the game?

£3 to sail, pending the Director of Trade’s final decision. Using Company ships if all ships are available.

@rho21 is that your final decision? Just checking, not editorializing.

Yes, I think I’m happy keeping all our eggs in the one basket.