Tiger King? More like Elephant Emperor! Let's play John Company

£3 to sail, pending the Director of Trade’s final decision. Using Company ships if all ships are available.

@rho21 is that your final decision? Just checking, not editorializing.

Yes, I think I’m happy keeping all our eggs in the one basket.

5,6,5,5. FAIL. Sykes retires in extremely unlikely disgrace.

@Diddums for Madras.

£1 to Sail. Come on, glorious failure!

£1 isn’t enough to sail in Madras.

Don’t suppose you’d care to campaign first would you?

£2 then? The minimum amount needed to roll one die.

Ye olde Company ship has already sunk, now is the time to evacuate without being dragged under the waves.

There are two shares belonging to one player, the company cannot collapse.

Either that or I’ve misunderstood and very badly misplayed this turn. :)

Roll: 4. Failure, but not catastrophic. @Diddums, any further actions? If not, @Kolbex can act for the Maratha Residency.

No further actions from Madras.

@Kolbex is up

The Maratha residency has no available actions. @Lantz should be up, as president of Bengal.

Ah yes, there’s nowhere to conquer from there.

But I…


Can someone give me a hand on what I can conquer? I am a bit confused.

Unfortunately, nothing at the moment. You could only take Bengal, but that has already been conquered by another presidency. Each presidency can only conquer its namesake, and then any further expansion is by the governors of those provinces.

You can open trade and then sail, but both are pointless as I understand it.

I was just looking to see if there was something I was missing but seems like not.

Nothing @Cuthbert

Welp, sorry this last turn wasn’t very exciting. Company has no revenue and 14 expenses, has to take on three debt. Company can’t pay dividends, all cubes on the Board of Directors are removed except one from @rho21. All Executives retire, may score at +$2.
@Diddums x2

Everyone has received their money (except for Investment Bank, which happens at the end of Attrition.) I’m assuming @Kolbex is embezzling, let me know if that’s incorrect.