Tiger King - they all suck

I watched this since it was getting so much attention. I came away quite depressed at how messed up this country is. All 4 factions the series centered around had few if any redeeming qualities. Even Big Cat Rescue appears to take advantage of people for free labor.

Same boat, watched it because of the buzz. Everyone is pretty flawed, but for me personally, I also found it all a little boring and pointless.

There is a big cat rescue in the foothills near here, on the highway to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. I don’t know if they are on that show or not. It is a non-profit and they are constantly looking for funds. They do have volunteer labor, as far as I know. Last year, or maybe the year before, a woman died when she apparently didn’t ensure an enclosure was empty before she went in.

I think places like that wouldn’t be needed if there were restrictions on private ownership of big cats.

I’m proud of the fact that I’m only vaguely aware that Tiger King is a thing and almost completely ignorant of what it is, much like the Kardashians. I’ll aim to remain this way.

Represent, brother!

I only know what it is because of advertising on TV and on youtube.

My wife watched it, which means I saw bits and pieces while conquering Renaissance era Malaysia in EU 4.

What a collection of the most insane white trash people you will ever see. Joe ‘I married a straight guy who was did so because I supplied him meth’ Exotic is… I mean he is the craziest person the show has, but not by much.

What a great show. And I agree, they all suck.

I talked to couple of my friends about the show. We all watched for like 1/2 an episode and just didn’t get it. The shots of the big cats are cool though.

They even omitted how racist he is. I remember his run for the presidency.

It’s not just Kardashians/Duck Dynasty, there’s lot’s of crazy twists, such as

arson, a cold case murder mystery, a sex cult, a presidential run, etc.

Who knows, maybe Kanye will run for President too.

That’s the thing I found so disgusting, they use the cubs and the cats as bait. I hate seeing people taken advantage of. The guy with the blonde hair who rode the elephant - he should be in jail too.

I cannot stand the “actual horrible people being actually horrible” genre. Fuck this whole noise.

I watched the first episode. It will be the last. A bunch of terrible people all around.

I was captivated the entire time.

This show is an important lesson on America and American values. Our values are shit yet we act like we’re the greatest society on Earth. We take garbage and cover it in fake gold and pretend it’s luxury. This is what happens when you mock intelligence and make greed and selfishness admirable traits. You get Joe Exotic. And you get Trump for president.

You didn’t even get to the rest of the horrible people.

If this had been a fictional movie, they would’ve said the writers must have been on drugs for decades before they came up with this unbelievable stuff, but then you get to the sex cult and realize… it’s just beginning.

The “best” part is, after learning about this show, I looked up one of our almost local private zoos here and holy shit, that guy is as nuts as the rest of them are. Hint: I am not talking about the Wild Life Safari but the Great Cats World Park i’ve driven by many times on the way to the coast but never stopped at.

I wonder if Jeff Lowe is what Donald Trump would have become had he been born into a less wealthy household but retained the same character traits. Pretends to be richer than he is, clearly not faithful to his wife, talks a big game without doing any of the work. Loved how several people who collaborated with him talked about how scummy he is, but but that it’s ok because they know and will be able to manage. And minutes later you see them complain about how they got screwed by him because–watch this topical allegory–the face-eating leopard decided to eat their faces.

I haven’t watched it yet, but based on the fact there was some big animal escape I thought this was going to be about the guy in East-Central Ohio that let all his tigers, bears, lions, and whatnot loose and then killed himself a while back. That was crazy shit, they sent a bunch of police out with assault rifles and whatnot to kill them all.

Doesn’t surprise me it’s a weird community… Only allligator wranglers are normal! ;)