Tiger Woods 2005 on Xbox Live -- ugh

Well it was only the first day but trying to get a game going on Tiger last night was a brutal ordeal. Hopefully things will tighten up a bit as more people buy the game and EA tightens up its servers, but last night was the usual painstaking equation of “time spent trying to find a working game > time spent playing game”, compounded by baffling menus and options.

This kind of sub-par (sorry) performance particularly irritates me when you consider that EA is not exactly blazing new trails here – Microsoft has pretty much laid out the road map for how you do smart online play with Links, just as they did for driving games with Project Gotham 2, with loads of cool features that in no way made their way into Burnout 3.

Irritating. Live was the #1 reason I bothered to upgrade my Tiger from 2004 to 2005, so I’ll persist with it. But for now, the “EA doesn’t get how to do Xbox Live yet” argument rolls on.

Please EA, fix this. It’s hurting the kids.

Keep us updated. I love Tiger 2004 but it’s filled with enough content to keep me occupied for another year. The only way I’ll buy the new one is if Live play rocks.

one of my fellow editors in SF – who’s also a big Tiger fan – IM’d me me all excited yesterday, saying that the Live implementation in Tiger was by far the best of all the EA Sports games this year. (granted, that bar may not have been very high.) I’ll have to check it out later this week when I get through reviewing the PC version.

I’ll give it another try tonight. Maybe it was just first-day-of-ship teething problems. Maybe it was the typos in the menus that put me off.