Tiger Woods is dating again -- awesome!


[h=5]Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn share photos[/h]Lindsey and I have been friends for some time, but over the last few months we have become very close and are now dating. We thank you for respecting our privacy.



Woods has a blonde girlfriend, and his golf game improves. Cause and effect?



Lindsey Vonn: Stupid!

Not really. If she plays her cards right, she can be down for a $110m divorce settlement in a few years, just like Elin!

Exactly. How can you possibly lose allowing Tiger Woods to put his penis in you?

Man, tough crowd. I assume you treat all people who had an affair this way? Statistically speaking that would be 40% of poster’s parents, one or the other.

Haha, Tiger Woods can hardly be said to ‘have had an affair’.

huh? I didn’t follow the whole scandal in great detail but I thought that was exactly what he did. Twice or more I believe?

I believe he’s making fun of the singular an in that phrase.

Indeed. He had a girl waiting at every port (or should I say Waffle House)

Indeed he did. Tiger is just further proof that no good can come of getting married if you’re a young, successful athlete. Sure, people make fun of Jeter’s one-night-stand gift baskets, but he’s not reviled in the same way that Tiger Woods is.

I don’t know about Waffle House, that implies at least a modicum of class.

Who says she wants to get married? Tiger’s probably a fun guy to date. I’ve not heard of her, but Lindsey Vonn is an Olympic athlete herself. I’d imagine they’re having a good time, and she clearly knows what she’s getting into.

I always assumed the “reviled” part is more to do with American’s prudish and puritan attitudes more than anything else. Yeah Tiger obviously had some problems with his wife but lots of people do that. It hardly seems like he was especially egregious in this regard in terms of celebrity behavior.

More like he was having affairs on people he was having affairs with.

Jeter wasn’t married while doing it.

Precisely my point.

It was a pancake house, thank you. And the waitress and he did it in the church parking lot next door.

I used to call that ‘Friday night’.