Tiger Woods PGA 12 for PC

Now I have not bought this but it looks like they took Tiger Woods Online and put it on a disk and selling it for 39 bucks.

If true that is horrible. http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/7514244.page

I’ve wanted a new golf game for some time, but I knew this was just a copy of TWO (which is downright horrible) and didn’t pay it much attention. You know it’s bad when even the EA Moderator says, [I]“Trust me when I say, NO ONE is more disappointed in this release than I am”.

[/I]What’s really bad is some dipshit EA executive will look at the sales numbers and think that the PC market can’t sustain a golf game and we won’t see another for a few years, when in reality it’s just that consumers know that EA took a dump in a box and put it on the shelf for $39.

Agree this was a huge mistake and I feel really bad for anyone who spent money on it. Atleast you can screw around with TWO without playing a dime. This is just pathetic on EA s part

Wow that is really low.

$40 for a free game that is online.

Oh, but you get to play Augusta! That’s worth $40, isn’t it? Oh wait, Ken McHale has had Augusta versions for years…

I’m sure all 100 players of the PC version of Tiger Woods 12 will love this rebuttal from EA:

In a statement given to Eurogamer, EA described Tiger Woods 12 on PC as “a unique experience”; one that “combines some of the best single-player game modes of the console version with the accessibility and multiplayer offerings of Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online.”

When I saw this was coming out, I figured it was just a port of the console version, which I liked a lot. Much more than I thought I would, really, having never played golf w/ a gamepad before.

Glad I read about it after it was released before buying it. Not a chance now. If it actually was a port of the console version I could play w/ the mouse - absolutely would I buy that. Not going to buy a rehash of that crappy TWO.