Tigris & Euphrates boardgame online

Here is yet another link to an online boardgame - this time it’s Reiner Knizia’s classic Tigris & Euphrates.


From what I could make out at Game Table, it was released just a few days ago and the game has been available for free play this weekend. I had never seen Game Table before (although I see Tyjenks mentioned it in a post a while back) but it apparently charges a monthly fee, although you can get a two-week free trial of all their games (I think) just by giving them your spam hotmail address. One of their games under development is called “Who Stole Ed’s Pants.” I don’t think T&E is available on Brettspielwelt, or at least I couldn’t find it. You can also play the game solo against 1-3 AI players, but the AI is, frankly, woeful. So it isn’t good for anything other than learning the game.

I hadn’t really played T&E (except a couple “learning the system” attempts) until yesterday - I took the weekend off and had some friends in from out of town. We played a bunch of different games. We were all set to play Puerto Rico the whole time but someone suggested we finally give T&E a serious try. We didn’t play any more games of Puerto Rico after that. It’s definitely more luck-dependent, but several people liked the bluffing aspect to the conflicts, as well as the simple fact that unlike in Puerto Rico there are conflicts in the first place.

T&E is really a great game. Puerto Rico is #1 and T&E #2 on boardgamegeek, but I think that should be reversed. I don’t know how I missed this.

I also accidentally found a place where people play Citadels via the web, but that’s one which we pretty much all hated. In fact, after three games of Citadels, I’m going to sell my copy. I was surprised to see several people posted in other threads about really liking it.

Be still my fertile crescent.

T&E is one of my favorite boardgames, even if it’s a bit more abstract than I ussually like. Not too long, lots of strategy, difficult choices, and brutally cutthroat. My only lament is that it wants exactly 4 players.

T&E isn’t available on BSW, but it is availible right on the Boardgamegeek- look in the left hand sidebar, and click ‘Game manager’ under ‘Online Games’. I’ve never played it there, (or any online boardgame anywhere for that matter), so I don’t know how well it stacks up next to the gametable site you mentioned, but people have been playing it at BGG for a few years now.

Thanks! I had never registered at BGG so I didn’t know that was available there.

As far as online boardgames go, I only play them with people I know, so I don’t know what the pool of players is like at Game Table Online, but playing online over Teamspeak with the people I play with in person, it can be pretty fun. But like the old Chick vs. Wumpus debate, I agree with Chick: I’d rather play a bad game online with people I know, than a good game with strangers.