Tim Cain + Former WoW Designers form Carbine Studios

So I guess that’s what Tim Cain is up to now. They are with NCSoft working on an unannounced MMO. Discuss.

Tim Cain + WoW staff = NMA supernova.

Well, I guess one would hope that eventually someone would make an MMORPG with, you know, some actual computer role-playing involved (and I don’t mean just playing on an RP server and talking like a douchebag).

World of Darkness MMO is already being done by CCP, so I don’t know what they would be doing other than an original IP, or hey, I guess FALLOUT ONLINE.

Hurrah, another MMO…

Well… maybe someone, someday will try to break the paradigm.


The announcement is new, but the studio isn’t, they’ve been moving along in stealth mode for quite some time.


Well, we’ve got some tidbits here. No idea if they relate to the mystery game.

Where do I type in my credit card number?

Website says they’ve been around since 2005 so they are probably well along the way with whatever they are doing. The wallpaper downloads suggest fantasy, however.

The character in the first wallpaper has a gun, and the elongated skull of one of the characters in the second is Xenomorphic. This isn’t mythologic fantasy, it’s science fantasy. Probably pulp - think flash gordon.

Yeah, it looks more like Tabula Rasa than anything else.

Endgame does not equal raiding
Endgame does not equal raiding
Endgame does not equal raiding

Come on Carbine, chant the mantra with me…

Lum is working for NCSoft, isn’t he? Is he involved in this?

Lum is working out of the Austin studio, almost certainly on a completely separate project.

If I was starting up a new MMO company, I would choose a name that differed by more than two letters from Turbine. Just sayin’.

That’s a pity. I knew it was unlikely, but I hoped this wasn’t about a MMO.

This is probably a two years old news. If NCSoft doesn’t have 2 studios made of Blizzard devs.


Kind of reminds me of “Outcast”, that cool/wacky European actiony/rpg/adventure game from the late 90’s:

I say long live the VOXEL.

I always felt that voxels should get another look for games. They’d be a great way to render viscera when you disembowl someone in Ninja Gaiden. With continued increase of multi-core processors and huge increases in memory lately, they might be a decent option to get rid of video card requirements.

It looks more John Carter of Mars to me, and I would give my right nut for a ERB Martian series MMO.

Color me stoked.

From what I understand though they’re a pretty shit rendering paradigm from an artist pipeline perspective.

Also, am I the only one who feels like that concept art is suggesting a Savage or Oddworld MMO? ^_^