Tim Curry recovering from major stroke

Few details were available about the stroke last night, but sources close to the actor refused suggestions that the stroke had made it difficult for him to speak.

‘Tim is doing great,’ said his longtime Los Angeles agent Marcia Hurwitz. ‘He absolutely can speak and is recovering at this time and in great humour’, she added.

Guh, that’s horrible, his voice is just amazing. I hope he recovers regardless.

Pulling for you Tim. Incidentally, it’s amazing what they can do for stroke victims these days - a guy in the cube next to me had a stroke on a Monday, was able to talk the next day, move both sides of his body the day after, and sent home on Friday. Certainly they don’t all go so well but it’s totally possible to make a full recovery.

I know most people think of Tim Curry as that goofy transvestite Frankenstein, or whatever, in Rocky Horror Picture show. But to me he’s the freaky guy in Legend and later the awesome voice actor who was making videogame voice acting cool way before anyone else: Gabriel Knight, Sacrifice, and Brutal Legend were all better for his participation.

Hope he recovers.


I guess I don’t really have any memories of him as Frank-n-furter cause I’ve only seen Rocky Horror once. He was great as Long John Silver in Muppet Treasure Island though!

I have always loved Legend. Tim Curry is a fantastic performer, making so many great and memorable appearances in any number of film, television, and stage productions. Here is to wishing him a speedy and complete recovery.



Clue people, CLUE!

And yes, best wishes for a speedy recovery.

CLUE is the correct way to remember Curry. And is also my favorite comedy, coincidentally.

I don’t love Legend–it has many problems–but I do love Curry in Legend.

I started out with this and then edited it out because I didn’t want to seem flippant about a situation so serious. Curse my overwrought sensitivities!

Without a doubt, it is a flawed enterprise; in fact, few films are this much the lesser of the sum of their parts in the way Legend is, if only because there are some really excellent parts. The effect the totality of the film had on a 14 year old, high on pool chlorine and girls after a day in the summer sun, however, was lasting.

But, CLUE, really.

Clue is the shit.

Earth 2 was the shniznits.

And how! (And same for me.)

Holy cow, he was the killer Clown from IT? Never saw it but I’ve seen that image before.

Whenever I think of him, the first thing that comes to mind is the trial from Roger Waters’ performance of the The Wall at the Berlin Wall…

An odd choice, I admit.

He actually put on weight after his sememal role in Rocky Horror to dissuade creepy stalkers.

He was the best bit from IT, totally captured the creepy clown role.

Congo is a horrible, terrible, awful film… but I’ve watched it at least a dozen times because of his Herkermer Homolka.

His voice is imprinted in my brain as THE voice for Captain Hook, from the animated Peter Pan and the Pirates. I compare all versions of Captain Hook and most pirates in general to that voice.

I hope he recovers fully and can continue his stellar voice over work.