Timber and Stone

I pre-ordered but have not tried the game yet.

Looking for tips!

Equip tools on your little dudes so they can do stuff.

Other than that, I’ve cut down 3 trees , built an anvil , mined some stone and built half a wall.

I am pretty clueless on what to do to get food. I do see apples on trees and shrubs with berries but I have no idea how to harvest them.

If I had my game I would try foraging to get berries etc

I am living this game through you right now … laugh!

Let me know if that is right too - foraging!


I’ve never heard of this–but since you’ve forced me to exhaust myself googling, I’ll post a link to spare those that follow:

I wanted to see trebuchets destroy castle walls, trees, and earth. Fire used as a realistic weapon. A game where I not only get to build an army but also have to feed that army, by farming, fishing, hunting, and foraging. With an intuitive crafting system that allows me to engineer siege equipment by felling trees for wood, create brick to fortify my kingdom’s walls using the raw stone I’ve mined, and blacksmiths who forge armor and weapons for my military.

Such a game didn’t exist in a form I wanted to play. So I decided to create it. Inspiration comes from games like Caesar, Zeus, Age of Empires, Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft.

The game’s graphics are built with procedural cube meshes (sometimes called Voxels), which make the gameworld quick and cheap to render, and gives the game a look that reminds me of the old pixelated computer and console games that I grew up playing.

Timber and Stone is essentially a sandbox game, where the player is allowed to create any style of settlement, village, or kingdom he wishes.

It sounds like Gnomoria but with a true 3d voxel engine and more(?) physics. That could be awesome.

Sorry Mr P. but I made the thread on my iPad and I have a “hardish” time copying links (sometimes anyhow).

Hopefully the googling will be worth it! :>)


Click the options on your hunter dude, he can kill chickens and collect berries!

You can also herd chickens! But I have no pens to herd them into.

Need chickens for feathers/arrows I think?

How do you build a work bench? I had enough wood and stone for a carpentry bench and I place the ghost image but he wouldn’t build it. He would build wood blocks though… yay?

Hehe, np. I suffer the same limitations on my tablet. :-)
Thanks for posting anyway, I’m glad to see more of these types of games on the horizon.

You need the right craftsman - I couldn’t work out how to build a forge until I realised I had a carpenter and a builder… I changed the builder to a mason and he immediately got to work. Changing professions gives an instant morale hit, but morale doesn’t do anything yet. Which is fortunate because, like early DF moments, I need about five miners.

I got a farm, a furnace, an anvil and two benches going, along with a lamp post, because I don’t know how scared I should be of the dark.

No beds though.

Ah, I thought a builder would be all I need, thanks!

Today’s top T&S tip : don’t miss the “recipe” tabs when you’re looking to craft an item. I didn’t craft rope for ages as I didn’t have animal hair. Then I noticed the recipe tabs and found out I could make rope with flax instead. Or leather.

Felton Lacombe likes having toasty feet while asleep.

Compare/contrast with DF/Gnomoria now please! Love games of this style, but don’t need a ton of them around so gotta pick and choose :)

A question related to Daagar’s, how complete is the game as it stands right now? I’ve heard Gnomoria still isn’t complete yet in terms of original features that the devs want to put in, and Towns is…

So is the game basically complete with only additional “extra” features to be tacked on?

The dev wrote that the game is about to become hard so it fulfills his idea of a rogue like in difficulty. I know he plans on adding more so I personally do not look at it as a completed game but in progress. I suggest go to the website listed above and read through his plans etc.

Watching some of the youtube videos I was impressed with what people were able to accomplish.

I have not yet had a chance to try the game yet with my workload.

Just got this today - feels fairly complete - balancing needs to be done of course. Way to slow at the start and its possible to make yourself pretty invincible and no clear “end game” at the moment.

As with all of these games, if you’re sitting on your hands thinking “can I afford this?” … “Is it worth my money to buy into a beta?” then the answer is no, on both counts. Just wait for more features and more polish If, on the other hand, you’re a recovering DF addict looking for some sort of DF methadone and you’re continually buying into the Dwarf-Fortress-with-graphics-of-the-week kickstarter, then there’s plenty of promise here.

Welcome to Rotatovilleburgtonham

The UI has some quirks, but once you work out what goes where and how to do it then it’s pretty slick and very smooth. It has some really nice touches, like being able to set a miner to always take the best available pickaxe… so if you have a very skilled miner you can be sure he gets the steel pick, while the guy who’s more a danger to his own face than any rocks gets to use the rubbish stone ones. You can also set a forage to forage for berries and chickens, but not boar and sheep. Or vice versa. Or any combination thereof. You can also click individual trees for your woodsman to cut, pick a whole area and say “clear cut this lot” or just tell the woodsman to go wild and cut down whatever he bumps into. You can then remove the stumps if you want clear ground, or leave them to grow back into trees, (just like real life!).

On the flip side, unlike DF the people can only have one job at a time and they get really annoyed if you keep changing it. This is bad news, because there are times I’d want five miners at the start, or five woodsmen, to build a large stockpile before I start specialising people as blacksmiths and carpenters and the like. I don’t think that morale does too much right now, but when it is “switched on” then jumping people back and forth through roles could cause problems if the game has tantrum spirals like DF.

You also have versatility over how people rest. You can have them work until their stamina is gone and then they just fall over wherever they are and sleep until they’re rested. Or you can specify a character’s sleep cycle using about eight-to-ten different parts of the day. So when you reach the point where you have dedicated guards, you can make sure one or two sleep during the day to be out and about when the darkness comes.

The darkness is one of a couple places that introduces a flavour of minecraft here. Like DF, you’re more likely to be of interest to enemy when you’re rich, (don’t smelt that gold ore to gold bars unless you’re ready to meet the neighbours), but the monsters mostly come at night. Mostly. Also, the mobs are less “we’ve come to kick over tables” and more part of the environment. My current map has a very clear camp fire going on the other side when it gets dark and weird hissing and cackling noises that I suspect are from Goblins. Sooner or later I’m going to have to go deal with them, simply because they’re voracious eaters of pigs and I need those hides!

That light on the right? That’s me. That light on the left? Yeah… that’s not me.

I’m really enjoying it. But then I know another former DF addict who likes Gnomoria so much he can’t sleep because he can’t stop playing. And that’s only $7.

Awesome description. Except now I’m going to be on the hook for $27, I can tell.

Bought this about ten minutes after checking out the link. This looks pretty great. What’s the deal with no portcullis/drawbridge though??? You make a castle game about siege warfare and then don’t give us two of the most basic defenses? Come on!