Timberborn (Lumberpunk Beaver City Builder)

EA release in 2 days, with a goal of early access for a year.

Another city builder? Yes please! Please be good.

On the other hand… A year in early access… No!

This looks good. I hope it turns out well.

I have been quivering with anticipation ever since the playing demo during a Steam demopalooza a while back.

Based on that experience, it was already good, so fingers crossed for excellent by the time they hit 1.0.

Possible future in game transport option:


Is that a hyrax

This makes me sad, I googled beaver gifs (totally safe to google that btw), and am now disappointed.

Beavers have tails, dawg.

It’s getting rave reviews on Steam so far.

I’ve put some hours into this over the weekend, and holy cow does it have one more click syndrome. There are some really neat mechanics around beavers, water, wind, etc. that I really like. Two things that stand out: Controlling the environment with dams and levees is super important, and water is not a border. You can build paths right through it because… beaver! They are just as fast in the water as out. Also, you build housing and other buildings by stacking them. So this isn’t your typical sprawl city builder. Very interesting so far. Another thing I like is it is very easy to kill off your beavers when you are learning, so it’s not the typical “guaranteed to win” city builder. Sorry this is sporadic, I’m taking 5 minutes to type and going back in!