Timburton McGee's Alice... err... Burton's Adventures in Wonderland

Looks kinda interesting, actually. Depp should have been the cat though.

You really missed a 3 page thread on this? :P

ugh, I must have typoed the search. Pardon!

Am i the only one who saw the title as being Jack burton’s adventures in wonderland instead of Tim? Now that would be a movie i would see.

big trouble in wonderland!

Does Alice have green eyes?

Tim Burton should open an animation studio and call it Timburtoons.

Murbella, balut, brilliant.

He should open a theme park and call it Timburland.

He should open a lumber mill and call it… oh forget it.

Big Trouble In Little China really really needed a sequel. That and Buckaroo Banzai are the two great missed sequel opportunities of the eighties.


Are you gonna tell him or should I?

Also, I am dead tired of Tim Burton ruining classic movies. The only version of Alice in Wonderland you need to see is the one that has Peter Sellers as the March Hare.

I’m not sure. He might already know, and then the joke’s on me.

It only makes sense that if you go down the rabbit hole far enough, you wind up in China; or at least Little China.

You know, I bet Alice does have green eyes, and could Tame the Burning Blade too. I would so pay to see that.

But can they get John Carpenter to reprise the theme song?

Unless there’s more than one girl, though, Alice would have to be sacrificed to appease Qin Shi Huang Di. In the words of Thunder, Now, we must satisfy the First Sovereign Emperor, by destroying this!

Also, apparently you can ask Lo Pan for problem-solving advice.

Well, obviously you’d have to find a second girl with green eyes, preferably one who was a Penthouse Pet.

I don’t get it. Neither of those movies had a sequel. What’s to tell?

There is always the other Alice in Wonderland.

That’s fantastic. I absolutely must find this, lol.