Time Addicts: you might have seen this movie, but not with these characters

Just watched Time Addicts on Amazon. Pretty sure it was recommended on some podcast, but I can’t remember which. QT3 or Flophouse or DLM maybe? Anyway, it’s in the Predestination/Looper school but with an ultra low budget, grimy Aussie aesthetic and a sly sense of humour. Not sure how much I like it, but I’m keen to watch it again to find out.

Wasn’t me! I’ve never even heard of it, but “grimy Aussie aesthetic” is enough to put it on my radar!

With all due respect, @Ginger_Yellow, you undersold this! I thought it was fantastic. Great script with some really fun reveals and some surprisingly affecting moments (for instance, a woman giving birth, having a conversation with her daughter as she’s giving birth to that very daughter and Johhny’s touching and funny letter to Denise at the end of the movie). But more than the clever script, it got so much energy from its wonderful cast, especially the two younger principles, Freya Tingley and Charles Grounds as Denise and Johnny. Both of the actors are so committed to their drugged-out Rosencrantz and Guildenstern schtick, but with their unique contributions. Tingley is so fun as a bratty and abrasive harridan, and Grounds’ verbose laidback pomposity is a perfect counterpart. They’re a wonderfully comedic duo, very nearly literary, and I could watch them in anything. After finishing Time Addicts, I even tracked down some dippy TV comedy with Tingley, but concluded she wasn’t as much fun without Grounds.

(In fact, I was reminded of the two lead actors in Vast of Night. Their characters are nothing like the characters in Time Addicts, but they’re two very young actors playing very idiosyncratically written characters with stylized, almost literary dialogue. And they handle it with aplomb, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. That’s what I appreciated about Sierra McCormick and Jake Horowitz in Vast of Night, and it’s how I feel about Freya Tingley and Charles Ground in Time Addicts.)

And the cherry on top of the script and cast is writer/director Sam Odlum’s direction. It’s low budget, but it refuses to be constrained by that, and in fact turns it into a bit of an asset with the time bending setting. But given that a lot of the movie is the same two to four people standing in a room in the same house talking, he did a great job making it look creative.

Anyway, very happy to have taken you up on your recommendation! I liked it a whole lot and would heartily recommend it.

Red Letter Media had a bit about Time Addicts in one of their recent roundups. At least, that’s how I’ve heard about it, haven’t actually watched it yet.

I get this when I search for Time Addicts on Amazon.

Edit: I see, Justwatch says it’s on Plex with ads in the US.

Agreed. They’re a lovely pair. I’m kinda amazed that the movie did manage to be emotional at times despite that dynamic being so strongly centered and Johnny turning out to literally be Denise’s dad. Also, man, the fact that the time travel method is smoking meth made me cringe almost every time.

RIght? It was…well…certainly a choice. I think it’s part of what Ginger Yellow pegged perfectly with “grimy Aussie aesthetic”. Just from the very get-go, on the roof of that parking garage littered with trash and graffiti and overgrowth. I briefly wondered if we were watching a slacker post-apocalypse. Then out come the crack pipes and I’m all, hoo boy, it’s gonna be this kind of movie?

But after just a few lines from those two actors, I was hooked. I couldn’t figure what kind of movie it was going to be.