Time Again for the Biannual Funspot Gamestravaganza

Plans are in motion for my friend and I to travel to Funspot, home of the American Classic Arcade Museum, to get our twice-a-year dose of classic gaming goodness. We’re thinking of going down on Wednesday, June 13th. Any regional peeps interested in swinging by, we’ll be there pretty much all day. If you’re from the Burlington VT area, we’ve room for a couple of people in the car.

I have wanted to vist there ever since I saw an article on the place in EDGE.

Have fun, its waaaay too far from Texas for a casual trip, but it sure sounds cool.

I also recommend http://www.pinballwizardarcade.com/games/

I think they have a better pinball selection too (104 tables!). Closer to MA, and much less well known.

I’d love to, but I’m dog-sitting that day. Rats.

That pinball place sounds awesome. I may have to hit that after that Rush concert in September.

That’s totally on my list. I need to get down there.

Omniscia, that sucks. If things change, let me know and I’ll save you a seat.