Time for Annual AIAS Griping

Here’s the list of finalists.

First off, you know it’s a bad year in Single Player RPGs when the only computer nominees are Vampire Bloodlines and one of the Bioware digital download mods. Yikes.

And how is there only one children’s game nominee and one sports game nominee for the PC? No one of the jurors creative enough to think of another selection, or is the winner too obvious in these categories.

Yeah, I know it doesn’t matter. But the whole point of awards is to complain about the process. So have at it.


Excuse me, but the fuck?!

NFSU2 may have had the absolute worst soundtrack of the year. It got to the point that I actually turned the music off entirely, which I have not done on any other game this gen. Removal of custom soundtracks from the Xbox version was a thoroughly ass move. At least it’s not nominated for Best Racing Game.

And The Bard’s Tale gets a nod for Best Console RPG? Gimme a break. Why the hell isn’t Nocturne on that list? Crystal Chronicles and not KotOR2? Bleah.

Nice to see Katamari up for GotY with the big boys, though.

Taiko Drum Master has a way better soundtrack than Donkey Konga. But it deserves to not be nominated because the hard level of ABC is way harder than the game says it is (just two stars).

Excuse me, but the fuck?!


Its EA thats why. This show is nothing more than a infomercial for the big publishers thats disguised as a award show.

Unfortunately, that’s what some of the industry “awards” have turned into.

  • Alan

Why do I even look at these things?

Fighting game…

Def Jam: Fight for NY  	Electronic Arts Canada  	Electronic Arts
Dragonball Z: Budokai 3 	Dimps Corporation 	Atari
Mortal Kombat: Deception 	Midway Chicago 	Midway

What the fuck ever!


Yeah, if only Guilty Gear were published by Atari, maybe it would have had a chance.

Isn’t this the awards ceremony where publishers literally pay money to have a game nominated, and for seats on the board that decides all this stuff? I can’t remember.

At any rate, yeah, we were having a good laugh at work about this…

Those fighting games are all pretty good? :?

Yes, but the jurors are free to nominate any game that they think deserves a nomination but has not anteed up.

For whatever that’s worth.


A lot of awards in various industries work that way.

Wow, some of this stuff is just batshit crazy. Outstaning male an female character performances… DEMONSTONE? Goldeneye nominate for outstanding fps? Ouch. Three of the four nominees for computer action title are ports of console titles. The vast majority of this list is just baffling. I suppose it’s a step up from GPhoria and the Spike awards, but I think that’s about all that can be sai for it.