Time Gentlemen Please: On Steam

I swear there was a thread about Zombie Cow’s games here, but despite serious searching, I can’t find the bloody thing. Apologies and all that.

The Gleefully lo-fi low-comedy wonderment of Zombie Cow’s adventures have been lobbed on Steam.. Three quid for the pair of them.

Metacritic average of 8.7 - shamefully lowered by the one 7/10 which, if you read it, is as big an example of a reviewer’s attempts at objectivity being dangerous* - it’s a really funny adventure.

(Here’s RPS comrade’s Alec take on it)


*i.e. The reviewer loves it, but since the tech its running on is substandard, gives it a 7. Really, who cares?

This is Very Good News. I’ve been meaning to get TGP for ages, and now it’s on something I load most days I’ll actually remember. My GF and I had a grand old time with the first one.

Also, moaning about technological limitations in an indie point-and-click adventure that costs less than a pint in the wanky old street pubs I frequent is rather silly. Poor show that man.

I really need to get around to picking up TGP. Ben There, Dan That was just excellent.

I bought this. I figured I’d play the first game first, but it seems to be completely terrible. Is TGP better, and can I just skip to it?

I am really enjoying the first game- although ive really only played the new Monkey Island first 2 episodes and myst 1/3(if that counts).

Most of the game seems to be clicking using the examin button and hearing the funny comments, but the puzzles are pretty logical so far.

these 2 hours have been enjoyable, and if the rest of the game is like this, I will be very happy about these $5

Hearing the comments? I wasn’t getting any audio except the occasional couple seconds of music when I solved a puzzle. The interface seemed very buggy, and it took me about 20 minutes to realize that if I right clicked, I could do stuff with the other character (which is required).

There’s no audio. He means ‘hearing’ as in “the characters ‘say’ stuff”, I presume.


You know, rossm, by the way you are ‘talking’, you really remind me of one of the characters in this game.

Did you make it past Ben and Dan’s flat? The first little bit is decidedly not up to the standards of the rest of the game.

If you aren’t loving the game by the time you reach the version of London that’s been sold off to the Americans, however, it probably just isn’t for you.

I got to graves of ben and dan, and I think a church or something before I saved and quit. I haven’t written it off completely, I’ll give it another shot tomorrow.

You’re just at the point where things start hitting their stride, then. No promises that you’ll like it, but it’s probably worth playing a bit further to see if things pick up for you.

Picked this up yesterday. I hadn’t played Ben There, Dan That so I figured I’d take a quick look at that first. Three hours later I had beaten the game and had to pee really bad. You know a game is gripping when you forget to go the toilet.

Ah yes, my patented “bladder pressure” objective review method.

Is this anything to do with the sitcom of the same name?

This game was almost unbearably British. I have to ask: does anyone remember if BTDT laid it on this heavily? I played it a couple years ago and don’t recall.