Time Splitters 2 continues to be excellent

The Western level has the best Ennio Morricone music that wasn’t written by Morricone! :D

Now if I could just figure out what to do after flipping those three switches at the end of the James Bond stage, which disappointingly doesn’t feature any James Bond music…

Are you talking about Atom Smasher, Cristoph? This is the single player level I haven’t been able to finish yet. The time limit on those bombs going off is really crazy!

But, yes, Timesplitters 2 does continue to be excellent.


You split time once, why do it again?

It continues to bug me that they stripped out online play. Split screen is very fun, though.

Going to have to disagree with you on this one. Outlaws has TS2 beat on the Morricone score (pardon the pun.)

I may have to try this again. The demo turned me right off.

BAM! If you turned around and beat the evil Doctor guy, the portal should just appear in the center of the room. I’ll double check though.

Also Tom: Little tips: in any difficulty below ‘hard’ you should be able to access a gun turret. At hard you should run over and open the door, THEN run back to turn off the cameras, by the time you’re done with that the door should be almost open (giving you just enough time to switch to your karate chop), saves those precious seconds. Run out and chop the stationary guy in the back of the head (one shot) then run over and open the door, switch to your gun and run back to the bomb, ignoring that patrol guy who runs by (much easier to ignore him for now). Take a sec to line up your shot at the patrolman closest to the bomb. Run over to the scientist and take out the guy behind you that you ignored earlier.
If you have a particular point you’re stuck at let me know, once you get into the rhythm of that level it’s easy and fun. And remember, the cut scene is in real time, meaning the patrolman will be at different points the earlier, or later, you skip it.

I enjoyed it up till the obligatory ‘stealth’ level.


Just checked with GameFAQs, and they say the same thing. I must have overlooked that huge shiny portal, right in the middle of the room with the switches. Weird. Guess I was running away from a Timesplitter and didn’t have time to look.

Timesplitters 2, Smash Bros., GTA3. I love these games for a lot of the same reasons. Call it “multiple points of entry” or something like that.

They all give you the ability to pick up the game and just starting playing with around 50 zillion options that let the PLAYER define their play experience. Drive a cab in GTA, go on wacky single player missions in SSBM, set up one of forty or so first person shooter experiences in time splitters.

To stay competitive, developers (esp. in japan) are going to need to start looking at these games that allow the GAMER to dictate their path through the product experience, not the GAME. It looks like Metal Gear is starting to get this with the new iteration (substance) that allows player to pretty much ignore the storyline and just play.