Time to blow my tax cheque- what movies do you recommend?

I’m going to have a little extra change in my pocket soon and I’m thinking of upgrading my DVD collection. What movies do the experts here thnk are standout classics? Treat this as a ‘desert island discs’ thing and throw me a couple of your all-time (or just current) favourites. Just to make this thread usable, don’t repeat any movies that are already offered by someone else. You also don’t have to justify your choice.
(and try to keep the arguing down, guys :wink: )

My choices-
Pulp Fiction
Saving Private Ryan
Das Boot

Okay, I like bloke movies. So sue me.
As an aside, I’ve just scanned my movie collection and noticed that I must be a sucker for the small outpost vs the enemy horde theme in movies. e.g Zulu!, Starship Troopers, Saving Private Ryan, Aliens, Black Hawk down and The Two Towers. Bonus points for adding to this theme.

If you’re a fan of the other films in the Alien series, you might want to hold off until the Alien Quadrilogy boxed set is released later this year.

I already have the boxed set. 3 and 4 are shite though. Pity.

I’d suggest John Woo’s “The Killer” and “Hard-Boiled.”

Just a few off the top of my head:
Ran, Glory, Taxi Driver, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Apocalypse Now (non Redux version), The Wall, Gettysburg, and the ultimate “bloke” movie: Fight Club.

Just be aware that the Ran DVDs have really crappy video transfers. I have both the Fox Loeber version which is horrible, absolutely horrible and the new Wellspring/Studio Canal Materworks Edition version which is much better than the Fox Loeber version, but probably the 2nd worse video transfer in my collection (with the Fox Loeber Ran being by far the worst).

Seven Samurai. The ultimate “small place versus overwhelming odds” movie.

Also, pick up the new 3-disc version of Black Hawk Down; the documentary and the soldier commentary are worth the re-pickup.

Well, for your small outpost thing, you can’t go wrong with John Carpenter’s Assault on Precinct 13. Or Romero’s Dead trilogy, but I think we’ve covered that ground before on this forum. But that reminds me, if you like small trapped outposts and Pulp Fiction you probably like From Dusk Till Dawn.

Pulp Fiction is easily the best movie on that list, though Aliens and Das Boot are both pretty good movies. Pulp Fiction is just pure classic, though.

Anyway, guy movies don’t suck like most movies do. The only movie I own that could be described as a non-guy movie is The Princess Bride, which was $5. So don’t apologize for liking guy movies, be proud, and then imply people that like artsy movies are gay. Like I just did.

Brazil boxed set. Conan The Barbarian (but not Conan The Destroyer). Unforgiven (though it’s disappointingly light on DVD extras).

There’s a more recent two-disc version that has quite a few extras. Commentary, making-of featurettes, interviews, and an episode of Maverick starring Eastwood.

Hey- I have the Princess Bride, so that’s no problem. Same with Dusk Till Dawn (forgot to add that one). Brazil has only just been released in Australia and that’s already on my ‘gotta get’ list. Some of the Japanese movies sound interesting too. Any more? I’m hoping for someone to come up with a few off base movies which will surprise me. At the moment, I go into the DVD store and head for the bargain racks so I tend to miss out on many releases.

If you like war movies, “A Bridge Too Far” fits your small outpost vs the enemy horde them and it’s a pretty good movie. Another small outpost type war movie is “We were soliders” which I think is decent, but not amazing.

Another you might consider is “The 13th Warrior”. I’ve got it, although I wouldn’t put it in my top tier of movies. Some people think it’s ghastly but it does have that small outpost vs. large horde thing.

If you’re looking for less conventional choices you might want to try some of the following:

[li] Brotherhood of the Wolf – I really like this one. Some have argued that it’s all style over substance, but it does have really great style.
[/li][li] Ronin – I thought this was a great movie about spies/mercenaries. Yeah, it’s probably all been done before, but I thought this movie was very well done.
[/li][li] Man in the Iron Mask – A personal favorite of mine. I like the fact that the 3 musketeers are all old. Their lives haven’t necessarily gone the way they hoped, but they still have fire and passion in them. I think this may be more appealing to those closer to 40 than 20, although it’s a good all around action movie in any case.
[/li][li] First Strike – My favorite Jackie Chan movie. The scene with Jackie fighting on stilts is great stuff as is the fight in a shark tank.

Other movies in my collection you might want to consider include Last of the Mohicans, The Rock, The Mask of Zorro, Count of Monte Cristo, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Enter the Dragon, and of course anything with James Bond in it.

And I agree with Bub on “Gettysburg” – definitely worthwhile if you like history.

There’s a more recent two-disc version that has quite a few extras. Commentary, making-of featurettes, interviews, and an episode of Maverick starring Eastwood.[/quote]

Cool! I’ve added it to my Amazon wish list. Though I’d prefer commentary by Eastwood or David Webb Peoples to Richard Schickel.

I personally like True Romance and Natural Born Killers a lot. If you like Pulp Fictiony kind of stuff, you might like them, though I wouldn’t say they were of the same caliber as PF. The Patriot with Mel Gibson, pretty fun movie.