Time to try Chrome again - best way to import bookmarks from FF?

OK, I’ve tried Chrome several times but have found the add-ons lacking and always switched back to FF. But for various reasons, I’m ready to see if I can make Chrome my default browser (again.)

One issue: when I try to use the Bookmarks - Import Bookmarks and Settings option in Chrome, it seems to import those from some older previous version of FF on my system. How can I get the latest bookmarks, bookmarks toolbar, and settings from my current FF into Chrome?


Perhaps try a cross-browser bookmark plugin like X-Marks. That’s what I’ve used in the past with some success.

Thanks. What I tried that works in a kludgey kind of way is to simply export all of my bookmarks from FF into an HTML file, then import that into Chrome. I then opened the bookmark toolbar folder that was created in Chrome and dragged all of those to the toolbar.

Now to go find addons to do all that I used addons for in FF.

I second XMarks, it almost went out of business (if that’s the right word - the service is free) but LastPass swooped in and saved it at the last minute. It works well.