Here’s something to mull over.

I have one of those atomic clock alarm clocks. You never have to set the time. When you plug it in, it automatically tunes into the government’s atomic clock frequency and sets the time according to that. So it’s hassle free and extremely accurate.

I sync my computer to Windows’ time servers, and there’s a 4-minute discrepency between the two. Now I’d understand a 1-minute lag, but four whole minutes??? It’s seriously screwing up my PC DVR.

Now, I’m sure that I could disable the automatic time sync update on Windows and adjust the system clock manually, but this is a bit disturbing. MS people, could you, I don’t know, send a query out to whoever’s responsible for the clock in Windows? I know that Apple lets you sync to atomic clock servers.

Mine are synched up; check your BIOS. I bet you find your 4-minute difference there.