Times I wish I was Snoop Dogg #387

Yup, that’s the Snoopster with Mary-Kate and Ashley. No doubt he’s counting the seconds until they turn 18 so that he can make them his bitches. I know I would.

The one in the middle doesn’t look too thrilled with the experience. That’s more of a rictus than a smile :)

That’s probably because Snoop has his finger up her ass.

They don’t call him Snoop for nothing. Woof!

Mary Kate and Ashley look too much like Joan Rivers.

Fucking Hell.
I had to choke on a laugh to stop myself from waking my lady up.

Is he wearing …a cape?

Yes, I think he’s a superhero.

SuperDogg - with the ability to smoke entire blunts in one drag, impervious to drive by shootings and able to make any woman his bitch just by looking at her.

I want his pimp cup.

“And as I sip my soda I’m sure somebody spit in…”

I want his pimp cup.

I don’t think that’s a cup. I think it’s a lightsaber. Which would explain the cape.


Looking again at the photo in that context, it’s clear that Snoop would have made an awesome Mace Windu.

And clearly he’s using his Jedi powers for the exact same purpose as I would, which is to mind-trick the Olsens into a hot three-way. Er, once they turn 18 of course.

Interestingly, they’re aware of the countdown. http://www.olsen-twins.org/news/newsstory.php?newsid=134

Am I supposed to believe this Matt Kaplan guy ain’t hit that yet?

/obligatory hasty Photoshop:

Interestingly, Supertanker checks out the Olsen Twins site.

My Google-fu is strong.


/obligatory hasty Photoshop:


Goddamn Sparky, you’re too good at that.

Mary-Kate (or Ashley, who knows) decked out in Princess Leia hair buns? That’s definitely one for the wank bank.

The Olsen twins are NOT HOT. At all.