TimeShift demo up at GameSpot

Incase you’re looking forward to (or interested in) this game… the demo is now up at GameSpot… more links should be up soon.

(full disclosure: me. PR. game… but this should be of interest to a fair number of people… Entity, if you object, let me know)

I saw this at E3 and it looked pretty awesome actually. I had never heard of it before, I was just drawn in by the visuals and action on the large plasma displays. Once I read the info on the game I became much more wary, it just sounded corny, but damn if the real time demo the guy was giving wasn’t freaking cool. I still need to check out the Star Wars demo everybody was raving about though…

Both are on the new PC Gamer disk.

Seems like it’s come full circle, the demos on the PC Gamer disk used to be valuable pre-internet, felt redundant in the heyday of the internet, and are now a nice thing to have in the era of the exclusive demo hosted by some company that’s ony interested in signing you up for their premum d/l service and makes you wait an hour before you can start. (Screw 'em, by the way, and screw the publishers for playing ball with them).

The demo is ridiculously short but from what I’ve played it’s very disappointing. The Timeshift aspect feels gimmicky, weapon feedback almost nil, performance is choppy, the visuals aren’t nearly as impressive as they seemed in the movies and if you use the arrow keys for movement like I do you’re SOL if you want to bind strafe left/right to them.

I hope MP is better than the SP…

Edge was careful with their words on this game. I don’t have the demo, but I’m definitely wary of it because of that.

Blurry textures for a nextgen game, IMO.

Picky, I know, but fuck youuuu blurry textures!

Also- Hideous opflash-style trees.

Anyone hosting this elsewhere yet? I’ve been downloading from GameSpot, but it’s trickling in at 20-30kb and thus taking forever. I went looking for the new PC Gamer, but apparently that’s not out on shelves quite yet.

I tried it out. I thought it looked pretty nice, in a “Dr. Who meets Arcanum” sort of way. Peformance was choppy and unimpressive on my relatively mainstream machine, though hard to tell what the cause of that was.

The time effects looked pretty good and were easy to use, but I couldn’t tell really if they elevated it much above the generic shooter category.

It ran pretty choppy on my machine as well, especially when I moved everything to max. And it’s not like it looked that great, either.

Also, it was extremely short. If that’s a full level out of 30, this is like a 5 - 6 hour game, max.

The time thing is interesting, but no more than it was in FEAR. No sense of awesome firefights or anything cool with that feature being included.

One of the developers has posted on a few sites and gave a heads up as to what it is. It has something to do with dual core processors. Intel & AMD have been notified about it. He mentions that people have had good luck using some 3rd party app called “Rope” that disables the dual core function so the performance is acceptable.

That might explain things on the relatively few people who have dual core processors but I don’t think dual core is mainstream quite yet.

Nope, no dual-core here, just AMD 3500+, 6800GT. 2GB RAM too. Dropping screen rez didn’t do much either. /shrug

I’m not experiencing any technical issues. (Then again, I’ve got a gig of VRAM.) And it does look nice.

But so far the gameplay seems by-the-numbers, and the use of the time-control conceit isn’t provocative or interesting. (Why does stopping time prevent fire from burning you?)

I’d like to be able to travel all over the game world and rewind time in each significant location–sometimes just to overhear conversations, a la Thief, and occasionally to elicit important info. Does this happen?


It strikes me as something I’d be interested in picking up when it pops up in some bargain bin. It did seem weirdly sluggish for how it looked.

I don’t mind gimmicky time control at all. Another budget title (billed as one, wisely), Total Overdose, had slow-mo and rewinds on tap, and the justification for that was that the dude was Mexican. (It was the same reason that occasionally every passerby would turn into deathmasked wrestlers and charge you with blunt objects. Different cutlures, you know.) I’m okay with that.

The implementation of the time-wrangling doesn’t seem very deep, though. Traveling about the gameworld and rewinding to hear conversations would be really neat, but this doesn’t look like that’d be. Just too much of a linear scripted bang-bang.

I was underwhelmed: the graphics were nothing special, performance was choppy (A64 3000+, 6800GT, 1GB), the time powers seemed gimmicky. The flamethrower / incendiary bullet gun was cute, though; if every weapon was that fun, it would help it stand out.

Maybe I’m just jaded, but everything about it screamed, “I am bargain bin fodder!” Pariah was more impressive than this…and Pariah wasn’t very impressive.

I am shocked that the developers of the landmark Will Rock would drop a turkey on the FPS scene.

actually I though Will Rock was pretty solid for a budget shooter. It looked good, ran extremely well and entertained me about as much as Serious Sam did.

Just got around to playing the demo.

Purty. But not a lot of gameplay for that much time spent downloading.

The timeshift effect is goofy. When I walk up to a mounted machinegun, stop time, and fire the machinegun, that gun’s bullets fire in real time, but bullets coming towards me from bad guys are stopped?

Looks like it could be an entertaining shooter, but I’m afraid the timeshift stuff is just going to make for lots of “which timeshift effect do I use to get past this?” puzzles.

The day someone finds the cheat for an unlimited time bar is the day I spend blowing people into chunks, reversing time and killing them again. Apart from that it’s a game I’d only evr buy should I run out of anything else to play… including Minesweeper.

Got a email today that indicates this is now a Vivendi/Universal title (rather than Atari). Can anyone account for the change?