Tinfoil hat time in CT!

This is the final vote total in the 2006 race for US Senate in Connecticut.

This is the final vote total in the 2000 race for Us Senate in Connecticut.

I mean, c’mon guys. At least be subtle. [/tinfoil hat]

Huh? One is listings of the 2006 results and the other is for the 2000 results.


Examine the results carefully. Especially the final vote totals for Senator Lieberman’s main opponent in each respective year.

Yes. Clearly Lieberman stole the election.

That’s just what an Illuminatus would say.

That is rather interesting. I wonder if it’s just a copypasta mistake or if those are the actual numbers.

Remember that when the Raven Blood death squad is slitting your throat tonight. Tell them the Finger said hi.