Tiny Islands - Post your Dailies here!

I’m declaring this little game thread-worthy! If you haven’t tried it, check it out–it’s free!

It’s a digital version of what’s called a “roll-and-write” in the tabletop world. Choose each turn from a couple of random terrain tiles to put on your map. Every so often, draw a loop around some tiles to make an island. Each terrain tile scores differently!

Every day there is a daily fixed shuffle, so you can compare your scores to others. Let’s do it!

I got a killer church setup today, which is rare for me. Kinda feel like I should get more points for that…

First time playing something like this using the Daily Shuffle I got…

I got 42 points. For some reason it cleared my board before I could screenshot it. I screwed up beaches on one of my islands: would have gotten 57 points if I hadn’t done that.

I got 50, definitely didn’t play to my strengths. :/

This is unfortunately easy to do. It’s not quite clear when it’s done running through the scoring sequence.

Those are some pretty good islands! I frequently end with a one-square nothingburger island because I’ve consolidated everything else on two bigger islands. If only that one church hadn’t sunk into the water!

I decided to retry having a better grip on the rules and ended with 57. I’m looking forward to a new Daily tomorrow now!

This was my second ever go at this game, so I think it was a reasonable score.

This was a weird one. I don’t think I’ve ever placed three boats before…

I’ve been playing pretty consistently for the last few weeks, and my average scores definitely have gone up. I went from trying hard to break 50 most days to now, in my best games, teasing 70.

I was experimenting with the boats after reading your post trying to figure out if it was worth going for distance with them over other scoring options. Obviously I ended up a little short here…

I did really badly, but I discovered a couple of things:

  1. You can’t make an island with a diagonal corner shared with another island.
  2. Forest adjacency doesn’t count diagonally for grouping even though everything else does.

Yeah, the diagonal corner thing I figured out in the first game. I also noticed the forest issue after game one.

I dig this game a lot, though. It is perfect for a quick play and practicing with random draws helps understand strategy.

Not an amazing score, but I like the final result. I imagine villagers rowing boats over to that church on the second island, tucked into an isolated cove in the shadow of a mountain…

Agreed, AWS! You made some really interesting islands. And that IS a pretty good score!

This game is really fun! I’m struggling to get into the 50s. I learned to watch out for the diagonal thing, and not to make too many waves because you’re almost certain to turn 2 or 4 points into 0 points with a bad draw. I like what some of you all are doing with your 3 point sand placements.

If there was an Agricola-themed version with little fences and carrots, my wife would never leave the computer.

starting to get the hang of it i hope.

Daily Run 31/1 - first attempt

Should we be posting our first run of each day, or our best run of each day? Or either, and just make clear which it is when you post?

This is cute. I’m running mid-40s (just discovered it yesterday) and haven’t taken any screenies yet, but I’m starting to get the hang of it I think. Not in the same league as the rest of you yet though!

OMG yes we need to make this!

I’ve been posting my first one because I think I knew enough about what the cards were and their order to be much better the second time around yesterday on the Daily. I think as long as you indicate what you’re posting it’s cool.

I did a random one and got a pretty decent score: