Tiny Islands - Post your Dailies here!

I had a move that left two points on the table for sure because I clicked too quickly. 57 today.

Houses+Churches > Forests+Mountains these days

Hideous score for me today. I was forced to place a wave that canceled another one out, but even those extra four points wouldn’t have helped me much.

Yeah, today was tough.

First attempt since the scoring changes. Not great!

I agree. I like the changes made to church scoring, but forests were fine as they were. Mountains were the real exploit.

Nothing from me today - the double church draw near the end totally screwed me

Ah yes, my standard between 50-55 score ever since the scoring changes, hehe. (54 today.) I even tried to make better use of churches and mountains, but it still didn’t work out great for me.

Lonely mountain.

Woo, managed to break 60 today!

I always seem to make just 2 islands, and then throw in an empty one at the end.

That’s me most of the time, too.

Pretty pleased with today’s score - 65.

61 for me.

61 also for me. One of my better games lately.

Couldn’t quite catch you guys. 60.