Tiny Islands - Post your Dailies here!

Damn double wave with same location card at the end messed me up. :(

I feel okay with a 55 today.

@Nightgaunt: Thanks for this thread, would never have found this wonderful little timewaster otherwise.

First time I’ve tried my hand at a daily. 63

Couldn’t manage to link any trees together but loads of points for mountains.

Not a great score, but I like the map.

I like the unorthodox approach!


Very kind to me today. Nothing really went wrong and I barely needed more than one island.

  1. Experimenting a little more. I think the draw combined with your specific focus for where you decide to build your islands can make or break you more often than not.

Another not-great day. I think I’m focusing too much on churches/houses.

Yours looks a lot like mine. I think the island locations are what boned us today.

Another hideous day for me too… 45. Early on I tried to cluster a bunch of houses in one area in the hopes that I’d get a church to plop down up there but it never materialized.

I call this one “The Drowned Church.”

Not bad today. Houses/churches didn’t land like I wanted, but did okay with trees and mountains to make up for it.

Haven’t done one in a week or so - turns out I still hit that 61.5 mark pretty close

Ack I don’t even know if I want to post today’s. Pretty sad score of 44 – several things that just didn’t come together. But anyway…

One of my better scores in awhile - 65

Misery loves company, @Murph.

51 for me today.

15 points more if that church shows up in the bottom right.

Ugh. I lost five for a wave in land because I was a moron and not paying attention while drawing, and that error also cost me two more because of houses bordering it.

Somewhat respectable score today of 55. (Ah, remember when we all thought a mid-fifties score was bad? Those were the days! ;) I even monogrammed today’s map! (Not intentionally, haha!)

Those will now be called “Hansey Islands”.