Tiny Islands - Post your Dailies here!

Looks like it paid off!

On the other hand, my central island didn’t come out quite so well: 55

I could have got one more point if I’d made my third tiny island against two sides of the top corner beach, but that certainly didn’t make or break anything.

I finally got to 70!

And hopefully learnt how to do a screen shot. What a complete day.


I really need to take some pointers from you guys. Today’s just started bad and got worse (47).

On a side note, I ended up somehow at tinyislands.ca, which is… not the same thing.

Oh, no. This one was downright cruel.


New PR: 70!

Another lonely mountain.

This game is so addictive… PR after a disastrous set of islands yesterday.

63 feels good after some big disappointments. <shakes fist at uncooperative churches>

Gosh you guys are KILLING IT in the 70s! I only managed to pull a 55. I think the one big island was a mistake, I had houses that would’ve liked another church.

I find that, other than a few strategies that have slightly higher probabilities, you are somewhat at the mercy of luck. The suggestion made earlier of aiming for those central area crossover lines was really useful to me, but even then it can and does go horribly wrong with only a few bits of misfortune.

It really is beautiful when it comes together :)

Bit better today with 60.


Nice round, @rho21!

Church placement really messed with me again:

A game of setting up stuff, with almost none of it coming to fruition!

Better than me: soooo many waves, for some reason, and just frustrating situations all around. Really surprised I even got 59.