Tiny Islands - Post your Dailies here!

I made rivers.

Wow! Beautiful and a great score, too.

Until one of the last turns, I had a whole colony of houses just waiting for a church, while that other church languished in the opposite corner for the whole game. Also got screwed by the draw on one of those waves. Grr. Still, breaking 60 is good!

49 is my new normal.

Got mega-fucked by churches right at the end, but wasn’t doing great anyway. I need to do a bunch of randoms to refine my technique again, lol.

Here’s another 49! I thought I’d go for trees, since going for houses rarely does more than 60. But this just did not work at all. (I gave up about halfway through.)

Bold move, AWS!

This was rough. Churches didn’t cooperate. Forests didn’t cooperate. I’ll be happy with what I got.

I broke my 49 streak!

Wasn’t able to work the mountains in with my trees as much as I was hoping, but overall…It’s been so long since I’ve broken 50, I’m THRILLED with 56!

Wow, I thought I started pretty strong with a mountain in the middle of a big island and plenty of houses around, but those forests just did not come. Sad! (If I hadn’t goofed with the waves I’d have continued @Murph’s 49 streak.)

Not a bad start to the week, all things considered. I wasn’t sure how it would land as I was going.

Nice one, AWS!

I broke 60 today, so that’s an accomplishment!

I really thought my mountain-in-the-middle strategy wasn’t going to pan out but… 61!

Man look at you guys killing it with your 60+ scores!

This one felt like it was REALLY CLOSE to being solid, but didn’t QUITE come together. Some decent mountain/forest work kept me afloat.


I like your forest island.

Went big on the houses and it almost paid off. But I couldn’t quite do better than 2 pts/house.

Shameful. Nothing landed.

It doesn’t count but yesterday I played a few random games and managed to knock one outta the park for a 70. It was nice reassurance that I do, in fact, know how to play this game, despite my extremely low scores lately.