Tiny Islands - Post your Dailies here!

Good day today

Not everything together, but another day over 60!

Woah, what? I guess I managed to create some primo real estate!


I did not mean to draw a 9.

Woah, I might have a little 60+ streak going. Although this shuffle was actually really frustrating to play, as I placed that middle church first thing and than basically never got any houses to go with it!

A mighty forest and not much else.

There goes my streak. Couldn’t capitalize on mountains or churches!

Drowned a house, made a desert. Fear my power, tiny island-dwellers!

Played a lot of Islanders today. It is basically a very similar game, but in 3D and more building types…


You need to fullfill point goals and trying not to run out of buildings like windmills, saw mills, farms etc … It has a highscore system, not sure if it has a daily challenge.

Playing Wordle led me to wonder if this other ‘5 minutes a day’ game is still around, and it is. Couple of days of lousy scores, but today was better