Tiny Islands - Post your Dailies here!

WOW. Pretty terrible luck with forests and churches.

Nothing much worth speaking about today, either.

Again went for the mountain off the top and it paid off:

Would have been nice to get another mountain to take advantage of the ridiculous forest that came up, though…

Not bad here either:

Good boat usage, @AWS260! I like the look of that. Shame you never landed a church in one of those spots that were clearly begging for one!

Pretty good for me today. I also went with a two-boat strategy, and got some good mountain/forest work.

This turned out to be one of the most interesting and unusual days ever playing this game. Forced me to make all kinds of weird trade-offs. And a fun to look at (if meh-scoring) map!

Nice. I love a good mountain range.

Got off to a pretty solid start, but wasn’t able to maintain the forest/mountain setup, and never got anything going with houses near my church.

Felt like it could have broken out with some of those house and mountain setups, but the churches and forests never wanted to cooperate.

Hey, me too! I had some GREAT forest work, but failed to capitalize on mountains or my church.

Oh! I was a little disappointed in this score given that it felt like I could have done better with mountains and houses, but I guess today was just tricky.

Yeah, honestly, this felt REALLY good as I was going, but then missed the mountains, and as houses kept NOT landing near my church, I saw it wasn’t going to break 60. Disappointing, though, indeed.

I love when I go through a round now sure how it’s going and then go “oh, 66…solid.”