Tiny Islands - Post your Dailies here!

Great score, Murph!

As for me? Gah. I know there is a way I could have put these things together for a great score, but I must have made every wrong move.

Yeah, I had one spot adjacent to my southern forest that was just BEGGING for a mountain, and every mountain that came up that didn’t fit there disappointed me. But yeah, QUITE happy with 66.

Weird one.

Also 58. SO CLOSE to 60. Weird, indeed.

Good day today

Not everything together, but another day over 60!

Woah, what? I guess I managed to create some primo real estate!


I did not mean to draw a 9.

Woah, I might have a little 60+ streak going. Although this shuffle was actually really frustrating to play, as I placed that middle church first thing and than basically never got any houses to go with it!

A mighty forest and not much else.

There goes my streak. Couldn’t capitalize on mountains or churches!