Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - What if Borderlands, but all Tina's DnD?

A lesson they could have and should have learned from BL2. Or Diablo 3 for that matter (adventure mode because who wants to slog through the campaign with every class).

Better late than never, though.

I have a max-level D3 character of every class myself. You can powerlevel to 70 in ~10 minutes with a max-level guy clearing torment rifts for you.

But yes, BL2 had the same problem.

I was one of the schmucks who leveled all four classes to 50 in BL3, but after they kept raising the cap I only got one to 72 I think. Just not enough interest to do all of them, and I really only like one or two classes there anyhow.

Latest patch adds FSR2 upscaling. Magical as always on framerates, but it does impact texture quality a bit. If your card can’t get >60, worth a shot. I’ve got a 3080 so I wouldn’t use it.

Good, I guess?

“Wonderlands shattered all of our target expectations, both critically and commercially,” said Pitchford during the Embracer Group’s annual general meeting, “and I’m thrilled to report that in addition to great financial rewards from this victory that will be coming our way in the coming quarters, we have established a firm beachhead, and we now clearly have a new franchise on our hands.”

The DLC/season pass was terrible. Not at all like previous Borderlands games.

They didn’t do a great job on the DLC, but the base game was joyous in a way mainline BL games definitely were not. Happy to see a sequel coming.

I should try this again. Went through it once and liked it, but haven’t been back since, unlike Borderlands 3 which I devoured over and over. That was partly due to the largely good DLC though.

I don’t feel any need to play it again, or do the endgame, but I enjoyed the heck out of the campaign.

I played the heck out of it, and was doing the endgame, but after the very anemic season pass, coupled with a strong hatred for loot box demon bunnies, I shelved this. The really bad DLC in the season pass completely took the wind out of my sales.

So there’s nothing great in the DLC? Guess it doesn’t matter to me too much, but I’m planning on playing through with my daughter. I got my character up to level 8 and I’m waiting for her to catch up and then we will play the whole campaign. I’m really enjoying it so far.

Nah. The DLC is terrible. Its just more Chaos Chamber type arena level stuff.

When the very first DLC dropped I finished what there was in 8 minutes. There would be more behind a weekly time lock, but the “more” was just NG+ versions of the exact same content.

It was Randy Pitchford’s horse armor.

It really burns me because I always know better then to preorder stuff, but the BL3 season pass was really good so I figured this one was safe.

. . .

Pre-order is never safe. Thank you Gearbox for straightening me out.

Well darn I bought the DLC bundle for both. On sale at least. Their dlc has always been good so I didn’t really check.

You weren’t the only one suckered in. The DLC/season pass stuff for both BL3 and BL2 were great.

Season pass not being worth it is very useful information. Thanks guys.

Base game should be a lot cheaper than the complete edition during the winter sales.

On GMG it’s 35 for the base version and 45 for the one that includes the pass right now. I think I’d still get the one with the pass for that price difference because I’m a weak willed person. :)

I definitely wouldn’t. The season pass isn’t worth anything.

With that extra $10, you can buy a different wonderful indie game!

I just bought Horizon Zero Dawn for PC yesterday for $13, so you can buy a different wonderful AAA game.

I already have that on the PS5. :) Very pretty game, but the setting really isn’t my jam. I really should give it another shot when I’m bored.