Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - What if Borderlands, but all Tina's DnD?

When I first heard about this, I thought that finally, we’d get a medieval fantasy game, kinda like Diablo, but first person open world.

I am somewhat disappointed that this is just a reskinned Borderlands - hell, some of the guns are barely reskinned. It IS just guns, and borderlands , set in something that vaguely resembles a fantasy world.

That’s disappointing to hear. Do they at least dress up the guns as magic wands or something? That would be enough for me. I mean, there were essentially guns in Hexen and Amid Evil, other games that use magic instead, but it still felt different.

Borderlands 3 taught me just how over the typical Borderlands formula I am. The game felt like it was a chore and just more of the same, it felt like it hadn’t evolved at all in the years since BL2. “Borderlands with guns reskinned” was a worry of mine for this one for that reason.

I haven’t had a chance to watch the video yet, is your comment in reaction to it?

Yeah - its just…guns - The special abilities you can fire off might be a giant sword hitting the ground, kinda lika the Sirens big hand ability hitting the ground, but thats more or less it.

Granted - I haven’t watched the entire video, just fast forwarding through it, but nothing in that, or what I’ve seen previously dissuades me of the notion that this is in fact, Borders 4, vaguely cosplaying as a medieval fantasy.
@Rock8man not even disguised

Oh wow, literal guns in a fantasy universe? That… does intrigue me a little bit. Like in the movie TimeCop, in the opening where they bring modern weapons into the old West. Or that one movie where they take a helicopter back to World War 1, I loved that one. Guns in a fantasy universe should be over powering right? I know Arcanum tried to balance that, where guns were unreliable.

This is literally just a longer version of the BL2 DLC Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep.

The only new wrinkle is that this game will allow you to mix and match powers from different “character classes” instead of being locked into a character’s skill tree.

If TTW manages to make an updated recreation of the Wraithverge, it’ll be a Day 1 purchase for me.

Like some others, I am still burned out on the Borderlands formula. I played a lot off BL3, through the first two DLCs maybe, and then just got tired of having to continuously level up new builds to keep up with the changes, among other things. This bloated DLC sold as a full game doesn’t appeal much, at least, not at anything close to full price.

He has a soft spot for action rpgs/looter shooters so take with a grain of salt

The ratings are averaging somewhere between BL 2 and BL 3. I like the setting change and I like Ashley Burch and Wanda Sykes, so I am in on this. Plus I kind of think the endgame sounds like a great playground to play with new toys and builds until it gets old.

P.S. Plus I need something to break the hold Elden Ring has on me. Playing to a compulsive degree!

If the writing is more Borderlands 2 than Borderlands 3 I’m probably in.

EGMs 60% review actually seals the deal that I’ll get it. And of course shows why converting scores to a percentage is a bit misleading. 3/5 stars means they think it’s okay… They seem disappointed that it’s exactly the game they said they were making. I just need better writing than 3 and I’m happy.

The best and worst thing about Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is that it feels like another Borderlands game. The shooter gameplay is as tight and responsive as ever, the weapons are fun to use, and the writing is a marked improvement over Borderlands 3 .

~sigh of relief~

Yeah, this is my big question about all of this. This should be amazing, but the writing is what will (or won’t) elevate it above 3.

Yeah, if that’s true I’m happy too.

Well, let’s be honest. Not a lot of room for worse writing after B L 3…

I haven’t played a game that made me more motion sick than this. I’ve already turned off shake and head bob and adjusted fov and still makes me just want to vomit :(

Did you play the other Borderlands? I would assume it wouldn’t be much different than 3 as it’s built on the same engine. I’ll probably grab this tonight as the reviews pretty much say it’s a Borderlands game with better writing than 3. That’s all I need. I’m not super burned out on the series so anything that is recycled isn’t a big deal.

I’ve played all of them, though I didn’t play a ton of 3. don’t recall feeling like this on that one. Vermintide did it to me until they added FOV adjusting.