Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - What if Borderlands, but all Tina's DnD?

There wasn’t much hype, which is a shame because this is better than BL3.

It certainly seems to have more “soul” than BL3. It feels like the people making it had fun, rather than were just putting in the hours.

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I love the game, but man it needs work. Multiplayer is really glitchy and laggy. I’ve had nothing but issues trying to play with 4 people. Even with just one person, the network buffering and jittery-ness is absurd at times.

Also, the UI. I am on board with the UI griping. My inventory images are invisible more then they are visible. Clicking on things is overly crap. The sort buttons sort of work? sometimes? Things that have been broken about the UI since like Borderlands 2 are STILL broken. It’s silly to think some of these things couldn’t be fixed by now.

The writing, the gunplay, the builds are all fun. This would be my favorite Borderlands game if only I could actually play it reasonably well with my friends.

I never play these things co-op, so I’ve been insulated from any multiplayer issues (which I am not minimizing at all, I just have no experience with them). As a single-player experience, it’s been very good, though as noted the UI kind of creaks along begging for someone to put it out of its misery. Comparing items is horrible, sorting is horrible, selling is horrible (the game likes to not update where your cursor is so you end up selling the wrong thing), stuff like that.

But gunplay is excellent, level/map design is generally excellent as well, the writing is really good too. I mean, having a woman pirate sing out “I am the very model of a dying female criminal” is just brilliant.

Agreed. I literally laughed out loud at a particular scene with a certain Bardbarian… Also brilliant naming =)

The blessing of the boat was hilarious.

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Anyone know what’s up with the Mythic points? It seems that you have to rotate through each of the four tracks, putting one point into each every level up, without being able to put them all, say, in one track? I’ve received I think six points and so far all it’s let me do is put one each in the starting point of each track and then forced me to put a point in the next track, etc.

Yep! That is exactly how it works. Now I believe you can branch out at each of the areas once you put a point in the first slot, so you have some leeway (more then BL3). But you do have to spend them round robin. It’s very similar to D3 paragon points.

Some things to look out for would be Movement speed which I think is in the lower right, and luck% which is in the upper left.

I will have to fiddle with it, but it seemed I was locked into zero choices, with only one place possible to put a point each time, even after the first four. Might have missed something though, it was late.

Overall it’s a pretty cool game, despite the inventory madness. My first character is nominally a spellcaster, but as usual it’s mostly gunplay. I have settled pretty much on a high-damage assault rifle as my main gun, with a corrosive SMG, a frost pistol, and a fire something or other as the other three. I sometimes swap in a rocket launcher but I find them and most shotguns too iffy for the volume of enemies I get. And I cannot really find a use case for sniper rifles here. The distances can be long enough, but stuff closes so fast and so many mobs toss explosive nasties at me that zooming in and taking head shots isn’t really viable most of the time. Especially when aiming is so easy from the hip.

Yeah Sniper rifles don’t really serve much purpose this time around. On the other hand Melee and pet builds are much more viable then they ever have been. I believe a full Companion build is currently the fastest boss killer in many cases which is fun.

I feel like I have many more viable options for a build this time round. I have a Brr-zerker and a Graveborn, and with the Brr-zerker I’ve paired it with Stabbomancer, Clawbringer and spore-warden all with success at Chaos 20. I’ve also done a full on melee build in several flavors and been mostly successful. The downside with melee builds is there are several bosses that you just cannot hit in melee range which is a bummer.

First DLC:

Finished the story on my Spellshot, and it motivated me to reinstall BL3 and the DLC stuff to play around with the skill trees and content I haven’t seen (though I have four 50+ characters from before). TTW was heaps of fun, though I’m not sure how extensible it is. In structure, sure; as a PnP RPG framework, new adventures are easy to add to the overworld. There isn’t much depth to the skills or the loot though.

I disagree on the depth … sort of. The thing I am finding neat is mixing any two classes to see what you can come up with. I’ve tried builds with several mixes, and there are some neat combinations. Brr-zerker is my main, and I’ve been successful at C20 with Brr/Stabbo, Brr/Claw, Brr/Grave and Brr/Spore… That is kind of neat.

Fair enough. I think I chose poorly, trying to combine a Spellshot with a Stabbomancer or whatever. Pretty much just stuck to pumping up damage across the board.

I think todays patch (which is huge) is going to open up some builds a lot more, and we will see where the true DPS shines. I’m hopeful that most of this is good stuff.

Good for 10 keys: BTXT3-W3H6J-6CBCW-JBTJJ-XZW9F

Good for 1 key: 3BRJT-BB55Z-KW3C5-J3BJT-R3FRT

Just beat the game, and it was basically a joyful experience. No fat, not stretched-out, even though I was fairly completionist at 37 hours. Strongly recommend.

No plans to get into the endgame stuff, and from what I’ve read all the season pass DLC sucks, unfortunately. Seems inevitable we get a Wonderlands 2 and I’m all for it.

That sounds great. I love the sound of “no fat”. I never could get into Borderlands 2 because it’s so long. The first Borderlands was great. Short and sweet, and it was over before it overstayed its welcome.

Is this still on sale on Epic, I wonder. Time to look.