Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - What if Borderlands, but all Tina's DnD?

I had the same problem with BL2 and BL3, and 3 compounded it with the truly screeching villains. The villain in Wonderlands is played by Will Arnett and he’s, well, wonderful.

You can tell Gearbox started Wonderlands during the pandemic intending it to be another premiere DLC for BL3 just like they did for BL2, but the pandemic kept stretching on and they were clearly enjoying themselves, so they made a full game. The fantastic environments are the opposite of Borderlands; an entire town raised up on a beanstalk, a fantasy city, the bottom of a recently drained ocean (preceded by one of the best surprises ever), etc.

Unfortunately that explains the crappy DLCs too. Don’t buy the ultimate edition or the season pass separately.

I agree the environments are good. I think many of the locales in BL3 though are also good, and some of the best are in the DLCs. Handsome Jack’s Casino, the Blood Bounty maps, and Love & Tentacles all have some great locations.

New class coming as DLC. Part of season pass.

That’s a new base class, right? So you could combine it with any of the others?

If so, that’s kind of like getting four extra classes!

That’s the beauty of the multiclassing system, yep. I wish you could respec your first class too, though.

I wish I could totally respect your character (ie change class) in all Borderlands games. Play 15 hours with character A, then 15 hours with character B, etc. No, I don’t like Borderlands enough as to play three or four full playthroughs, one with each class.

That’s the lesson Gearbox learned from BL3; they kept adding classes but nobody played them because it required a whole new playthrough. The multiclassing system in WL largely addresses it.

A lesson they could have and should have learned from BL2. Or Diablo 3 for that matter (adventure mode because who wants to slog through the campaign with every class).

Better late than never, though.

I have a max-level D3 character of every class myself. You can powerlevel to 70 in ~10 minutes with a max-level guy clearing torment rifts for you.

But yes, BL2 had the same problem.

I was one of the schmucks who leveled all four classes to 50 in BL3, but after they kept raising the cap I only got one to 72 I think. Just not enough interest to do all of them, and I really only like one or two classes there anyhow.

Latest patch adds FSR2 upscaling. Magical as always on framerates, but it does impact texture quality a bit. If your card can’t get >60, worth a shot. I’ve got a 3080 so I wouldn’t use it.