Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - What if Borderlands, but all Tina's DnD?

That DLC for this was bad. Like, really terrible compared to the DLC for all the other Borderlands games. Heck, the DLC here is worse than the rotating free seasonal events for BL3.

Yeah - for a game whose lineage IS a DLC, its kinda weird how tame the DLC for the game actually was.

I got this for free on steam, and I do not think I have more than a few hours in it. I just founding dull and repetitive.

I think you got the standalone Tina DLC from Borderlands 2, not the full Wonderlands game.

Yea, the stand alone dragon keep DLC. I did buy BL2, but I do not think I ever bought any DLC.

This is the Wonderlands game discussed in this thread:

vs the DLC from earlier:

That said, if you thought Assault on Dragon Keep was “dull and repetitive,” which is not an opinion I share, then I doubt Wonderlands is something you’re going to be interested in.

A mate and I recently started playing Borderlands 3 coop. We’ve more usually played survival games and some zombie shooters, but having finished the former and gotten tired of the latter (there are only so many varieties of zombies possible), we decided to try B3 since we had both gotten it during some Epic giveaway (basically while we’re waiting for Enshrouded and Return to Moria).

So far we’re enjoying it. I find it interesting that people here pan the writing in Borderlands 3 so much, because I haven’t found it that bothersome (by videogame standards), and while there is a goodly amount of really bad jokes, I thought that is kind of the point.

Having also played a little bit of TT:Assault, I certainly didn’t find a lot of difference between the two games, other than the commentary in that game being even more silly and meta.

Is Wonderlands really that much better? Have been considering getting it while it is available in Humble Choice (as it is, this month), though I’m a little bit worried we’ll burn out on the whole loot & shoot thing by the time we’re done with B3.

If you get burned out on loot and shoot I’d stay away from Wonderlands. It’s essentially just more Borderlands. If you’re still hankering for more after BL3, you could pick it up and have some fun with it.

It’s much shorter than a mainline BL game so I never got bored. I didn’t do endgame stuff, but finishing the campaign was not a problem.

Should probably be more precise about that. I think the gameplay loot in B3 is great - and am actually enjoying it more than I expected to (the fact that this is the first Borderlands game I’ve played probably says something about my usual preferences). But you go online for tips and guides, and it’s all people who have crazy lvl 50+ builds min-maxed out and recommendations to quickly advance the storyline so that you can grind xp and drops etc… and I strongly doubt we/I will ever get to that. I suspect we’ll play though the main storyline, perhaps some of the more interesting seeming side quests, and maybe a little bit beyond. We’ll find another game to coop in.

Don’t think the gameplay loop being similar is necessarily disqualifying, as long as the game itself is actually fun.

“Not that bothersome” is a very severe downgrade from the writing in BL2, which was one of the great strengths of the game. That’s why people pan the writing in 3.

One big difference between Wonderlands and Borderlands is that in Wonderlands, most of the levels are designed so the combat is all short-distance, presumably so you can use your melee weapons more often. But for better or for worse, that gives the game a very different feel. Leave your sniper rifles at home.

Tiny Tina’s real life brother wrote 2, once he left, the dialogue went to absolute hell. Someone else trying to copy his style and tone is just cringe worthy for me. This is X10 for anything that features Tiny Tina.