Tiny Token Empires; TBS Total War Puzzle Quest - The game

As the title says this is a turn based strategy game, playing in the ancient Mediterranean with battles and other events as different variations of a match 3 game.

You played one of several ancient powers moving and conquering provinces, building units and buildings in those.
Matches of a token type charge the abilities of the corresponding units in your army (similar to that Square Enix match 3 game I don’t remember the name of right now).

It includes some (supposedly) humorous descriptions and atmosphere, although that part fell pretty short for me personally so far.

It is on a 50% off sale on gamersgate for 2.50 € right now.


I really liked the RPG elements in Puzzle Quest 1 and Galactrix and replacing those with a classic and simplified TBS game comparable to the strategic part of the early Total Wars seems like a good match, no pun intended. (Even so it would be a better than the humour in the game :P)

That looks really fun.

Thanks for the advice.

I’ve played it for a little while, just the tutorial missions. Yeah, looks good. Very like what Puzzle Kingdoms was going to be before so many features got dropped (Hint: avoid Puzzle Kingdoms).

Bah 24.99 in the mac app store

Thanks for the heads up… looks interesting. I actually had enough blue coins to buy the game outright, so I’ll d/l it and give it a shot tonight hopefully.

That does look pretty good - never heard of it before as it appears to have been a mobile game and I just don’t do mobile gaming, but that hasn’t stopped me from grabbing one for the PC in the past.

Mac version is $5 from GamersGate:


Weirdly, although the game runs well on my laptop, the mouse wheel won’t zoom correctly on my iMac. Go figure.

Bought. Thanks!

Played this for several hours tonight. If you liked Puzzle Quest and its ilk, you’ll love this game.