Tip the Furniture delivery guys?

Yeah, but clearly the Redcap is just out for the money. Most people who you tip provide a service, then you tip them for a good service. The Redcap who gets one bag from a healthy adult male is just looking for an easy buck. Clearly when I accidentally drop my bag on the ground behind the wheel of the cab and then pull a Non from Superman II on the cab I don’t need the help with my 10 pound carry-on.

Ha, my new furinture is coming on Saturday…I paid 135 dollars for home delivery…they will go thru a gate, in my door and the living room is right there.

I was not considering tipping them since I already paid a fair amount of money for the delivery.

See, correct me if I am wrong but tipping is generally for those who actually get paid less hourly because tipping is considered part of their pay- eg waiters and waitresses.

I am annoyed that there is a tip jar at the donut shop next to our office-- I mean the lady handing me the donut OWNS the frigging store…and she wants a tip too???

Tip jars can be ignored though. They’re just there for people who needed a smile and snappy attentive service.

No. I’ve had lots of furniture delivered and I’ve never tipped for it, especially when I’ve paid a big delivery charge. But yes, always offer water or soda pop.

I flat out asked the delivery drivers how it is with tipping and they said it is considered rude not to tip. They do not see most of the money that is paid to the company for delivery and rely on tips. If you do not tip - do not expect good service next time they come. In my case they delivered and assembled the bed going upstairs - I tiped them $20 each and they were very appreciative.

Thread necromancy ahoy!

I think $20 per person is pretty standard.

You expected them to say they didn’t want extra money?

If I’m having a large item delivered, I check the receipt to see if there’s a delivery charge. If there’s not, I call the store and ask if their drivers are allowed to accept tips. If yes, I tip based on service. I gave the 2 guys that delivered our guest bed $15 each a couple weeks ago. They had to lug a queen mattress + solid wood frame up a set of steps with a turn, deal with our sweet but sometimes very obnoxious dog, and assemble the bed frame.

I despise tipping as a social convention.

That being said, I generally give furniture guys about 10 bucks per guy pretty much no matter what the item being delivered is. The idea that anybody would tip furniture guys 10 or 20 percent is mind boggling to me.


Are you seriously saying that if you get a $4000 bedroom set delivered that you’re going to tip the guys $800?

I call bullshit on that :)

Exactly. Percentage tipping exists only in restaurants, because competition and pricing figure it in. A 400lb sofa that costs $400 is the same deal to a mover as a 400lb $8Billion dollar Tiffany UltraSofa, be damned if percentages come into it.


Maybe he meant a percentage of the delivery fee.

For stuff like movers, I do a rough guess of how much of their time they’re spending moving my shit, and tip accordingly to give their $/hour a ~20% boost (that actually depends on the job/situation). There’s no way that’s customary, but hey, when I do a job, I think of how much money I’m getting for the time I’m putting in, and I’m happy when even a couple-hour stretch gets a boost, so I figure it’s a good way to go! In situations where that can’t really apply or I would feel cheap/extravagant, I throw math out the window and just tip a number that feels right.

So one night this past June, the AC breaks while the in-laws are in town. The house is starting to creep up to 85 degrees at 9 PM (we just got back from dinner). Called the service company and asked when can a technician come out? They answer two days. That is obviously not going to work. So I ask well what if I said it was an emergency? “Oh we can have someone there tonight and since you have a plan it doesn’t cost extra”

Great! So the guy finally shows up at 12:30 AM (after midnight right?), does have the exact capacitor part need to fit into my unit, says hold on I’ll go make you one. MacGuyvers the shit out of the old one and has the whole family back in AC by 1:30 AM.

Him, I tipped and felt guilty because I only had $15. I asked if I could include a gratuity on a personal check and he said the company would just ignore it so I was compelled to rake together some cash.

Eh, it was close to 10%

Your American tipping culture is weird to me even here in Canada. I’ve flat out asked employees of various places about tips and the only place that has said yeah is restaurants and there they say 10% is average 15% is nice, usually nothing for takeout. These aren’t really high end places but fairly decent high endish family restaurants.

It’s nice to tip. What is $10 or $20 really? It means a lot to the people you tip. It’s nice to know you put a smile on their faces and have given them some happiness.

Not everything needs money thrown at it, you can make them smile and happy in a culture that doesn’t demand tipping as well.

I’d liken more to an addiction, they’ve become dulled to the effects of the tips to the point where it’s bland and everyday but dam, if you miss that fix you’re gonna get angry.