Tipping when you pick up your own take out food?

From facebook, not sure what app/site/restaurant.


I have seen a lot of those tip apps do 15% then jump to 25% then 30%.

Pretty smart, as most people will grab the middle option by default, so they are getting 5% more.

The voters need to start ranting about tipflation.

I only tip when I sit at a table and a server comes by to take my order when it comes to food. I do tip for services like haircuts.

I think I said this before, but I do tip at Starbucks. I get some flavor of ‘cold cream’ coffee, and as that takes a bit longer to ‘whip up’ (HAH), I throw in an extra dollar just for the extra time they can’t be making a drink for the next person. Unless it’s a freebe, because the app doesn’t seem to let you tip on free drinks.

My fiancee always tips 20%. I base it a bit more on what type of service we’re getting. $1-2 if it’s counter, 20-25% for sit-down or labor intensive like coffiemaking (We usually hit local coffee shops or the witch tea shop here)

Thankfully we haven’t had any discourse on this yet, I expect it’s because I tend to use cash so she doesn’t see what I do as much.