Titan Quest 2


Looking up the expansions on Steam, it looks like Ragnarok and Atlantis were done by Pieces Interactive, who did various Magicka expansions and are doing the new Alone in the Dark that’s coming out soon. And the Eternal Embers expansion was done by Digital Arrow who made the recent Aquanox Deep Descent.

THQ Nordic/Embarq have a lot of studio choices!

Titan Quest II - The road to gameplay

One of the most common points of feedback we’ve been getting from the community is that you want to see gameplay. You won’t have to wait much longer! Tune into the THQ Nordic Showcase on August 2nd to see the first Titan Quest II gameplay trailer!
But there’s more! You will also be able to play Titan Quest II at Gamescom from August 21-25.

100 % this…exactly the same for me.
But I’ve put in hundreds of hours into Grim Dawn