Titan Quest

Has anyone tried the demo yet? I’m getting it right now and I was wondering if anyone else was curious about the game.



What is it?

Never heard of it.

I tried it. Another Action RPG! Graphics are nice and all but it felt like Diablo which I got sick of…a long time ago.


OH a demo!!!

Great thanks a lot for the heads up! Can’t wait to see thing in action! Hope the coop campaign will work as well as with Dungeon Siege then this will be a must have for me.

I’ve had some interest in this and will check it out, although it makes me wish for a more substantial RPG with a mythology theme.

Never heard of it? That surprises me. There are ads for it in every mag, and they seem to be trying to push this one. It looks like it could be interesting, as Diablo clones go. I hope they don’t blow it by not getting the word out. Of course, that assumes that they don’t blow it by just making a crap game, but the previews look promising. I like the skill system a lot.

So far I like it. That could be because i never played any Diablo games and haven’t had a chance to get sick of them i suppose.

Finished the demo, it’s skill system is based on time delays, which I detest. It’s still fun, polished, and very D2 derivitive, will probably pick it up when it comes out.

What do you mean, skill system based on time delays? Do you mean you need to enter key combos at appropriate intervals to perform attacks? Or are you just talking about a cooldown time for skills, a la WoW?

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Cooldown time like WoW

Didn’t Diablo have that too?

In Diablo for most things you could whip out fireballs or whatever as fast as you wanted as long as you had mana. There was a delay but it was slight, with some magical items reducing it even further. In Sacred and Titan’s Quest it starts out sloooooooow with skill purchases used to decrease the recharge time. Hate that. It slows down the game and acts as a skill point sink while not really increasing the strategy required to play the game. It’s not a deal breaker and I still had fun with the demo, I just dislike that aspect.

Considering I played Diablo 2 once when it was released, hated it, and haven’t touched a action-RPG game since I’ve really been looking forward to this game. Didn’t realize a demo was out, so my thanks to the thread starter. Here’s hoping it supports widescreen resolutions.

What irritated me about Sacred is that while upgrading one thing would reduce the time delay, upgrading the oomph of the skill would just increase it again. It sort of got in the way of feeling that I was advancing at all, more just treading goblin hordes.

I’m planning on buying this one, if the reviews are positive. It’s been a LONG time since diablo2. Is the demo the first level of the game or separate content?

Not to diverge from topic, but I really hate it when you play the demo, get the full game, and have to replay stuff.

If you hated D2 I would be amazed if you liked this game, it borrows a lot. It does indeed support widescreen, 1920x1200 looks great.

Very pretty game. Mechanics seem pretty good although I’m not getting quite the “crunchy” audiovisual feedback I would like. Items on the ground are hard to see unless you hold down ALT to highlight text. Sound effects and music feel a bit muted. Engine chugs sometime on my PC; I guess it’s starting to show its age.

Seems okay so far. I don’t have a really strong opinion one way or the other. But then, I’ve never been a big diablo fan so this may not be my particular cup of tea.

I had similar impressions. Very pretty, chugs a little, hard to find your loot. :)